Complete Spread Betting newbie - advice please


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I have just registered with this forum and this is my first post. I am a trader in NZ and considering purchasing a book on spreadbetting for beginners. The suggestion came from another trader in New Zealand that I chat with online. He suggested I could get some comments from this site and he also referred me to a sales site for the book.

It is called the Principles of Profit and it is available at:

Has anyone heard of this book. I don't want to waste my money but I do want to quickstart my trading knowledge and this sounds like it will do that.

I have also done a few google searches and there is another book by a guy named Vince Stanzione but it is much more expensive (nearly $1,000NZD). Does anyone know about this book? It is called Making Money from Financial Spread Trading and is available at:

I am really eager to get started spreadbetting and any suggestions about the best place to turn to learn spreadbetting would be great.

Have a good one.

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One thing I have learned since subscribing to this forum is that there are many so-called guru's and software developers trying to push the magic formula or program to make you rich. As the more experienced contributors to this forum such as Trader333 who has just left you a post will tell you, most of it is overhyped rubbish. If it was that easy then why go to the bother of writing a manual to give others your secrets, when you could make yourself quietly mega-rich and retire.

Keep following this site, you will learn far more. As for spreadbetting, the spreadbetting company's themselves put a beginners guid to spreadbetting in the websites themselves which are of course free. My choice of company is

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