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View New Posts/Mark All Forums Read - option?

When I get to the /boards and 'View New Posts' it gives me all the BBs that have had new posts since my last 'visit'.

Thing is, if you're on for more than a few minutes going through them all, by the time you finish, there's a bunch of new ones (potentially) which you wont get to know about if you hit the 'mark all forums read' option.

The way I currently get round this is to cycle back to the 'view new posts' (before marking all forums read) to pick up the 'new' posts that have arrived since I started looking.

It would be good to have some way of catching these 'new arrivals since you arrived' category of posts.
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This board offers a limited news service

1- News does not come through that frequently, so , is there
a way to get a pop-up menu when a new item comes in ?
or maybe by making it a sticky thread or through the 'buddy' list system ?

2- Can it be extended to include AFX ?


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The search page

Currently if i search for Trading Seminars the search will bring up all the posts
with the word Trading in it and the word Seminar in it

I want to be able to search for the phrase "Trading Seminar" and only get the results
for that phrase just like it does in Google.


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I beleive that new members should be made to include there location in there profile
Would be nice to know at least where in the world people are from.
Existing members should be made to fill in this detail the next time they log-in


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I believe that the 'post a reply' page should include the following switches...

Allow deletion by moderator - default checked
Allow deletion by other members - default unchecked
Automatically delete after 2 days - default unchecked

The point is to try and cut down on the length of threads
I see some threads have loads of pages

I am here to learn not to spend all my time reading personal comments
from one trader to another like "thanks for that" although polite
these posts in my opinion do not need to remain on the server
after the person it is directed at has read them.

When i come across a thread that has numerous pages it puts me off from
going through the whole lot... i'm a trader, i should be spending my
time trading not reading chit chat thats not relevant or superficial
to the topic of the thread.

Information should be concise and to the point and by giving members more
control over deletion of posts will help achieve this.


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The members votes system i believe adds no value to the site
and should be redesigned.

I believe the votes system should be on a number system from 1 to 100
All members should rate themselves entering a number 1-100 just once
according to how they view their own ability in the field of trading

Then other members are allowed to increase or decrease this number
as many times as they like but only one point at a time and anonymously

Moderators would have the ability to change these values by more than one.

By having a number system like this then you could also have the ability
to filter postings so you only see posting by those over a chosen number

And again everyone should be made to have a rating
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I disagree with much of what you have said but in particular:

Allow deletion by other members - default unchecked

This would be open to huge abuse. If I were Mr Winters I would just log on here with a fake name and delete almost the whole thread about me. This would also happen whenever there was anything slightly controversial said by anyone about anything.

I beleive that new members should be made to include there location in there profile

Again if you force members to do this what is to stop them putting in a false location ?

All members should rate themselves entering a number 1-100 ……………Then other members are allowed to increase or decrease this number as many times as they like but only one point at a time

Why should I be made to rate myself at all ? and wont this mean spending more time on the boards rather than trading which you have said you dont want to do ? and what is to stop someone just changing the value up or down as many times as they like ? Again it is too open to abuse.

In my view if these kinds of changes are implemented it would result in many good posters not posting at all.



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In answer to your first comment - "default unchecked" this would mean posts could not be deleted
But if you post something that you dont mind being deleted then why not - such as "Ok cheers mate"

I dont mind a false location - i just dont like blank ones - its nice to know what planet people are on

last comment i meant you could only rate yourself once only
if people went to such lengths as to log on with fake names just to change this then that cant be helped

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when I joined trade to win it did'nt take me long to realise who knew what they were talking about and those who did'nt.

What does the voting system prove anyway?
Waste of space if you ask me.


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I agree that the current (amended) system seems to achieve very little.

And I think yours may have the makings, but I dont think it should be compulsory.

And I don't like the idea of a filter. This would surely deny access by some newbies to ask questions of the more experienced.

But the idea of each member establishing their own 'value'
at the start seems to have merit.

I would suggest that when 'voting' on someone else
that a +1 / -1 should be the only option.
If enough people agree with you, that should be enough.

Most people have a good and honest idea of their expertise and
if they don't , they would soon find out ?

Don't think the Mods should have special powers and I don't suppose they would want that either.
To have a balanced opinion of over 8000 potential posters seems like asking the impossible ?

Hope the idea gets taken on board.

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In the " Financial Diary" could you please include dates AND TIMES of important USA economic data releases and other relevant announcements. These often take place during the US trading day ( like 3pm London time ) and can have a big effect on market direction.


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Thanks to everyone who came up with a suggestion for improving the site. There's quite a few to go through, so grab a cup of coffee and let's get going..

Member: Bonsai
Suggestion: Replace "Member of the Month" with "Thread of the Month" decided by admin and mods, with a prize for the winner.
Initial Feedback:

Nice idea, the only difficulty I can see is in choosing which thread wins. Last month (January) alone we had 418 new threads posted. Perhaps if we limited it to only those threads that received a 5 star rating and choose between those it would be easy enough. As always we'd want to make it as simple to manage as possible, because we're pretty stretched as it is. Also the MOTM award will be back this month, and continue from last month where we left off.

Member: Suggy
Suggestion: Update the voting system so that you can see who voted for you, and switch from numeric system to textual rating.
Initial Feedback:

Although you can see who voted for you with there's 3 or more votes (I think), you can't see what rating they gave you. I think is the preferred way to do it, after all knowing what vote you were given would only I think encourage the rating system to be used to praise though who praise you, and marked down those who rate you poorly - tit for tat style. Also I think members would be less likely to vote particularly where it was a negative rating, simply because they wanted then want to be targeted by the person they voted for. Textual ratings are an alternative, but I think most people are used to rating thing numerically, whether out of 5/10 or 100 - and it's often best to keep things simple, as Mr.Charts earlier said.

Member: EK1
Suggestion: Pay a nominal fee (say £10) for using T2W
Initial Feedback:

At the present we don't have any plans to introduce a fee for accessing the site. We may however consider a premium membership at some point in the future but we would first need to consider providing sufficient value to make it worthwhile.

Member: neil
Suggestion: Keep one thread for the bored and attention seeking to indulge in a cathartic release of trivia, jokes and matters not catered for on existing forums. Call it the "Sin bin" or "Ego Dump"
Initial Feedback:

I think this has been suggested in the past. At the present time I don't think there's sufficient reason to introduce it. My concern would be that it even though it would be clearly shown what purpose it served, I can only think it would raise tensions and cause conflict. We have the lounge forum for the off-topic, talk about anything threads - and that seems to be fairly popular with trivia, jokes etc.

Member: Quercus
Suggestion: A system whereby anyone can be a member, but only paid up members could post to improve quality of posts.
Initial Feedback:

Interesting idea, though inevitably it would cut the activity on the site. Every forum needs to be active to attract new members, and encourage participation - so I think its probably too drastic a step to take. Although I have seen it done on other forums.

Member: Bigbusiness
Suggestion: Invite only T2W forum for quality posters, decided by the moderators.
Initial Feedback:

It's a possibility although it becomes difficult to manage because constantly you'll need to decide who should and shouldn't be allowed in, and setting up access for each person takes a little bit of time. When you've got 1,500 new members a month I can see this taking up lots of time, unless there was some way to automate it - ie, members who have posted 100 time, with a member rating of 3 or above automatically gain access.

Member: Glenn
Suggestion: Faster access to the facility for putting someone on my ignore list.
Initial Feedback:

Good idea, and now set up - ignore button appears at the bottom of each post.

Member: jimbo888
Suggestion: Ability to search by post's id
Initial Feedback:

Should be easy to add this to the search page, as skim pointed out you can already do this manually by replacing XXX with the post id on this url: http://www.trade2win.co.uk/boards/showthread.php?s=&postid=XXX#postXXX

Member: Boy
Suggestion: Messages posted on all threads to be at the top of the thread. I think that would be in descending order.
Initial Feedback:

I'd have to agree with bonsai, I believe the majority of people prefer to read top to bottom - although it would be nice to give users the option (although I'll need to investigate the feasibility of it).

Suggestion: I think that the Private Messages and e mails box should have more emphasis on the Home Page,
Initial Feedback:

I concur, we could probably do more to highlight this. Particularly on the forum home page, since we updated the look of this page it's become more difficult to see if you have a new pm. It used to light up a pound sign and flash the background of the pm table cell. I'll definitely be looking into this.

Member: TheBramble
Suggestion: View all new posts since last visit, if you then mark all forums read, it might be that some new posts have appeared since viewing the list but before pressing mark all forums read - a way to catch these.
Initial Feedback:

Hmm, I see what you're getting at but can't think of an easy way to catch those. How about using the "View Latest Threads" feature from the Discussion drop down instead.

Member: Bonsai
Suggestion: Notification of news item and AFX news added.
Initial Feedback:

I believe you're referring to the ShareCast new feed. I'm not actually sure how popular this is and was even considering dropping. I think sites need to concentrate on what they're best at and there are plenty of good financial news site out there, I think our members are savvy web users and would rather use one of them. Would be interesting to hear what other think.

Member: ColinRiche
Suggestion: The ability to search for phrases eg. "Trading Seminars" rather than posts with the words "Trading" and "Seminars"
Initial Feedback:

We could switch from our existing system of searches to a more advanced one which would achieve what you suggested - I can see a real benefit in this, and therefore it's likely to be implemented soon.

Member: ColinRiche
Suggestion: Make "Location" a required field for new member registrations
Initial Feedback:

It's funny you should suggest that as I had actually made this a requirement myself the day before you suggested it! Great minds and all that.. :D - so any new member who joins you'll see their location. I'd encourage all existing members who haven't added their location their user profile, to do so now.. http://www.trade2win.co.uk/boards/member.php?s=&action=editprofile

Member: ColinRiche
Suggestion: The post a reply page should include the following:
Allow deletion by moderator - default checked
Allow deletion by other members - default unchecked
Automatically delete after 2 days - default unchecked

Initial Feedback:

Interesting idea, giving members more control over deletion - there are various technical and security issues in implementing this that I'll need to consider first.

Member: ColinRiche (Further suggestions by Bonsai)
Suggestion: Existing Member Voting System should be replaced by a 1-100 point system that would be used determine trading competence rather than how helpful or valued members are.

Initial Feedback:

Again another interesting idea which could perhaps even supplement the existing rating system. I'd need to consider the implications and concerned like those raised by Trader333, and also it might require a fair bit of technical work to implement. But I'll look into it further.

Member: Salty Gibbon
Suggestion: In the " Financial Diary" could you please include dates AND TIMES of important USA economic data releases and other relevant announcements
Initial Feedback:

We currently don't have this information at hand to provide it in the diary - but I think this information is often vital to trading and therefore it would be extremely useful to add it to the site. I'll look into the various sources where we can acquire this information.


The winner of the best suggestion will be announce in the next few days, and will receive a bottle of champagne. Thanks again for your feedback, there are plenty of good ones to add to our list and keep us busy with.
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