Saddam's first words


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What were Saddam's first words when they pulled him out of his hole?

Did I beat David Blane? :cheesy:
You could have waited till after xmas, I hate buying presents, you never know what to buy, its always a last minute rush, the shops are so busy....


I had a bet with Osama Bin Laden that you'd find him first - any joy? Ah well, it was only $10 so whats that worth now?


Is One True Voice's new single out yet?
nine hundred and fifty eight thousand bottles of beer on the wall, nine hundred and fifty . . . oh hullo!
"The Mole had been working very hard all morning, spring cleaning his little home."

(with apologies to Kenneth Graham!)
'I said bring me ''Tarts to ease my sexual needs'' -- Not '' Special Forces and Marines''!
Saddam:'I hope President Bush gave orders that I was to be treated fairly when captured?' Marine:'The President gave no orders other than our unit watch ''Bring me the Head of Alfredo Garcia''. Saddam:'Oh S###!'
'Dont push me,'cause I'm close to the edge.
I'm tryin' hard not to lose my head.
It's like a Jungle sometimes.You know I wonder how I keep from goin' under.
'Of course I haven't got Planning Permission.I'd shot all the Planners!'
If I bribe the Judge's do you think they will give me community service, and send me on a nice holiday ? After all I only had a few hundred thousand killed, and I did have a bad time as a child, so it must be someone else to blame, and it was very dark and cold down that hole.
"Welcome to Saddam's hole.... I got a scud here going cheep and ill be cutting my own throat at that price. I'm practically giving it away."
'I know the country's gone to hell but this much security for a Pizza delivery!?'