But ho ho ho, whose got the last laugh now ?


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Comical Ali, the Iraqi Information Minister famous for his outrageous claims, has been arrested in Baghdad, according to reports.

Saddam Hussein's spin doctor, Mohammed Saeed al-Sahaf, has been in hiding in a relative's house since April.

US troops set up a road block in the Baghdad suburb and caught him in a car on Monday night, reports the Daily Mirror.

Al-Sahaf - who claimed the Iraqis were winning as Baghdad fell to Coalition forces - gave himself up without a fuss.

It was thought he may have killed himself when he disappeared on the day the Iraqi regime collapsed, still declaring Saddam would prevail.

After his arrest, he was allowed to return home to collect personal items before being taken away by American forces for questioning.

Relatives said al-Sahaf has been in a state of shock since the regime collapsed.

He was the last member of Saddam's Ba'ath party to abandon his post, giving his final briefing on the morning the tyrant's statue was toppled in the capital.

In it, he said: "There is no presence of American infidels in Baghdad. They are going to surrender or be burned in their tanks."

As he spoke, American troops and tanks could be seen pouring into the city.
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Poor little man. I feel sorry for him. He'll never get a job in PR again.Unless Alistair Campbell leaves..............
Bless him, he did try and surrender earlier on but no one was interested in him. Poor sod, talk about unloved !
and yet
not likely to have been 'on the team'
unless he was a loyalist ?
a wolf in sheep's clothing !
rumor has it that CNN are gonna offer him his own TV show

rumor also has it that the show is gonna be tiltled "The Spin Zone" and is gonna be shown the same time as FOX's Bill O'Reilly's "The No Spin Zone"

Rock on!
Perhaps a future Chancellor of the Exchequer with statements such as the economy is fundamentally sound or we have no intention of leaving the exchange rate mechanism.
It must all have been a great shock to him ?
turned his hair white !

a touch of the peroxide I fancy

now they have turned him loose again.
Chemical Al rules ok,

Well in his own mind anyway- never on the top 55 wanted- a top PR job in the US beckons- & of course don't forget his new book.

Powewr to Capitalism :cool: