Obama and the Future

Obama is only interested in what's in it for America. He's not interested in human rights or any of that crap. You'll see. He'll just tell anyone who goes to him for help that they are on their own.
You're surely not suggesting he isn't the Messiah and Mandela wasn't His prophet?
Interesting point about an Obama War.....

Just remember that the last time we had a Democrat president, Northern Eye-rland kicked off again after disarming, and it looks like it could well kick off again, given recent events.
But if ur asking Eye-Ran vs. N. Korea, I'd plump for Eye-Ran every time. The North Koreans have a: really real weapons of mass destruction that actually work and would be used; and b: NO F@CKING OIL!!!

I really don't think anyone's got the stomach for a war with China.
Adding another voice to the chorus that President Obama is off to a very bad start, the SRP blogsays, “I feel badly for [him]. I believe he is well intentioned but lost the game of musical chairs.”
The terrorists have got Osama bin Liden

The US has Obama und Biden

can't be related can they ?
While many analysts can already see the rainbow at the end of the financial storm that has convulsed the United States, James West sees only further calamity. In “U.S. Debt Default, Dollar Collapse Altogether Likely,” an article on SeekingAlpha.com, West, the publisher of the Midas Letter, contends that a U.S. debt default is not just a certainty but is just around the corner. He also sees a 10:1 split in the U.S. dollar in the near future and also warns that President Obama’s administration could well emulate President Franklin Roosevelt’s by confiscating personal gold holdings.

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I think the Arab world is right to be suspicious of yet another smooth talking politician because they know full well that if he gets a foot in the door then the rapacious businessmen are not far behind. They buy up or trash, either way to make cash for themselves. Their greed is boundless and they have no ethics.
There only two ways out of this mess.
1. Let inflation take off and debase the currency. This way the currency becomes almost worthless so it's possible to pay back the debt. This destroys anybody's wealth who are in dollars.
2. In effect declare bankruptcy. Negotiate repayment terms with the major debt holders. This means the government would have to most likely raise taxes, as well as cut spending and actually act responsible. Responsibility is not in a politicians repertoire.