Reasonably simple trading

More than 20pts from the low which is a bit of an error but the "reverse" button on my broker platform is just too easy to use.
Out -25.4.

Nowt wrong with the trade, but could have saved myself a few pts by waiting for the right entry.
I haven't had a great deal of interest in Bitcoin trading but given the lull in my normal trading I had a look today.

Interesting to note this short setup, and a few others scrolling back through the chart. Not going to jump in and immediately start trading it but definitely something I'll be keeping an eye on going forwards.

0926 Bought DE30 13294.8.

Stop 30, Target 50.

Long DAX is one of my least favourite trades, but see the setup = trade the setup.

Lunch break. Still holding DAX long, don't see much in other markets except maybe possible buy in GBPJPY above 13925 if we don't go below 13900 first.

Not expecting much from this afternoon though, US holidays are generally shite.
Reason for exit was this setup, but I don't trade after 4.30 even when it's not a US holiday.

^ Decent move off that setup in the end, but 4.30 is my cutoff as you've got to have one somewhere.
Your trading journal has been so useful, it gave me some confidence and motivation in trading. I still have a long way to go and properly grasp the ins and outs of trading.
Hi, I just came across this journal and see it only ran for a month and then has stopped. Anyone know what happened to the OP?