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A number of people are unsure how to post a chart onto
this board, so I have started this thread to try and help

First, if the chart is a saved chart on your own computer then you
can use the 'Attach file' in the 'Post Reply' box. It must of course
be in a format that T2W will accept. The only problem this can
create is if the file is either too big to upload or is of a size
which distorts the layout of the thread page. In which case
it is suggested you copy the following link into your address bar
and download the 'smaller image' utility.
(It's about 1mb in size)

Secondly, if the chart is on the web, then right click on the chart
& select properties
then select the address/url and copy.
then paste into your reply.
the url needs to be enclosed in quotation marks
you must precede the url with &lt img src=
and at the end of the url, finish with &gt

some website charts are protected by the owners so they cannot be reproduced in this way. In which case you will need to take a screen image and store it on your own computer first.
Then proceed as in 'Firstly', above.

Hope this helps. Will add other bits and pieces if you encounter any problems.
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Some bmp charts can be HUGE and take a long time to
upload if you dont have broadband.
1mb is not uncommon.

so I suggest you use a bmp to gif converter and then
upload the gif version.

<a href="">here is the link</a>
I am planning to trade the Dax but I cant access the chart on
the Big Charts website, I ask for the Dax but nothing appears.
Anyone any idea why? I would also like to know what exactly is
intraday trading. Regards Eddy.
Ticker symbols for indices depend on the datafeed you are using as they are all slightly different.

What datafeed are you using Eddyjo?
you're right , there does seem to be something amiss.
but I managed to get this for you. Pretty poor.

edit: deleted, load of whatsits
see next post
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cracked it !
its all in the code unfortunately
<img src="">
Bonsai, thank you for your help, I will try "Global symbol.

Skimbleshank thank you also, I dont think just using the
Big charts website counts as a data feed, would you please
advise me how to go about finding one, sorry if I am showing
my ignorance of such things, Regards Eddy.