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Hi all.

I thought I would post up details on how to post charts onto the T2W website. It’s something I’ve been meaning to do for a while but Christmas got in the way.

There are 2 ways to post a chart. You can either:

Attach it to a thread from your hard drive, or
<A HREF="#upload">Upload an image onto your webspace (that most Internet Service Providers give). </A>

Attaching an image from your hard drive

1) Get the image up on your computer screen and press the “Print Screen” key.


2) Open up a paint package.
I use Microsoft Paint, which should be under Start -> Programs -> Accessories -> Paint

3) Once the program has loaded if you click the Edit menu followed by paste. You should get a screen print inside the paint package.


4) You can then save the image (file -> Save as….) and save it to your hard drive. It’s best to save the image as a .gif file. It makes loading the image a lot quicker.

5) Now that the image is on your hard drive, you can now post a normal thread on T2W. Before you hit the “Submit Post” button. You need to attach the image into the thread, which is done by clicking the browse button, (highlighted below) and finding the file that you saved in step 4.


6) Then hit submit and hey presto :)

<A NAME="upload"></A>Uploading an image onto your webspace.

Follow steps 1-4 above

5) The image that you have saved, now needs to be uploaded. To move files from your computer onto the internet – you will need a FTP program. I use a free one called Prishtina FTP which you can download free from In the program it will give you details on how to get files onto the internet.

6) Once your files are on the internet, the best thing to do is to open your web browser and enter the URL / Web address for the image file

The URL will be different from ISP to ISP but it is normally http://www.yourname.ISP name. name. When you enter that address you should get the image shown in the web browser. If you get a red square that usually means that the URL is wrong.

7) Once you can find the file on the net. Then you can start a new Trade2Win post as usual. Where you want the image to appear you need to use the img tag like this

[“img”]http://www.yourname.ISP name[“/img”] (without the “ marks).

8) If you then preview the post, you should see the image in the text. The advantage of loading images onto your webspace, is that you can post more than one image in the same post.

9) Once your happy with it, hit submit and hey presto :)

Well I hope this will help people. If you find that it isn’t working then I’m sure one of the members will be able to help you :)
ES Chart

Trying ES Chart upload


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Did everything you said Mark and got to the save as bit. Then tried to upload and it just didnt appear. Does the screen size, resolution or file type matter?

Its ok Ive sorted it now!

Is there any way I can reduce the image size?
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Hi Spoon102

What I do is make the chart window smaller, so the charting package doesn't fill the whole screen -
only about half of it, and then cut the image of the charting package out when it is the paint package,
and paste it into a new paint window.

By the way - Nice charts peeps :cool:
I'll just post mt 2 p's worth. Please, please make sure your MAXIMUM image size is 850x500 pixel or 12" x 7".... You can use "crop to size" to get this. The width is very important as it keeps any accompanying text within the width if the screen so you dont have to keep scrolling left to right and back again to read any text.!!!!! Very, very annoying. The depth is not so important, but at 500 pixels, you get to read a few lines of text and still se the whole chart.
Just reminder too, you can't post more than one chart per "reply" unless you paste them all together in Paint or Paint Shop Pro one below the other or side by side.. remember the 800 pixel width!
As you can see from this thread, someone has posted wder than this and you have to L/R/ L scrool to read the text.
Happy posting. :)

Regarding this issue, I've just posted a reply on another thread to the effect that there is now a restriction in place that limits uploads of images to just 735px width - as this is the maximum size at 1024x768 resolution that doesn't require scrolling. If you try and upload an image larger than this it will tell you this is not possible, if this proves insufficent for some of the larget charts I can easily increase to your suggested size of 850 pixels wide.
SORRY looks like I am the guilty party (MAXIMUM image size is 850x500 pixel or 12" x 7".... You can use "crop to size" to get this.) you have got this NOVICE lost now Martin (please explain further)
Don't worry, it looks like Sharky is going to auto crop images to the maximum size , if the image exceeds the maximum.
I can only tell you how to do it in Paint Shop Pro. Like you, I'm a PC dork when it come to applications so I wouldn't know how to do it in Paint. I'll ask my Grandson ( 6 trs old) He's bound to know :(
Okay, I think I'll stick to this thread, as there's no point having two running at the same time on this issue.

Martin, unfortunately I can't auto crop the images or resize them - it's just not practical. The choice is you impose a restriction - but then those who aren't particularly savvy on photo editing programs run into difficulty, and end up not posting the chart at all because they can't make it the desired size. Resizing a graph isn't desirable because you often lose the detail. Ideally you want to resize your window before you take the screenshot by pressing "Alt" and "Print Screen rather than trying to crop in an image editing program a full screenshot.

Or you advise them to zip it up first or paste it into a Word doc perhaps, then upload that. But neither is particularly desirable. Otherwise you just allow any image to be uploaded, which means that sometimes you'll get someone post a great big image.

As for the 850 Martin, you're probably right, you can see the whole image, but you'll get the scrollbar at the bottom of your screen with anything higher than approx 745px.

Question is whether to impose a size restriction or not? Let me know what you think.
Be_positive- It's TRUE I tell you ! If I practice enough, I can do what I have to do, but that's it. Mind you, I know how the microcode inside CPU works....You know, when your "C" program says add A+B....that compiles to X86 Assembler...then what? How do you make microcode that executes a new assembler instruction add A+B-C..... Each to their own , as they say.
Paul, at 850 wide, you have to scroll right a bit to cover up the left hand "column", which you don't need to see, but the body of the text in the post, and the chart fill the full screen and can all be read without L/R/L scrolling. Actually,it's a tad more than that, but I can never crop to exactly that and my charts vary from 850 ish to 900 ish. I re-size on the screen first, and then copy to the clipboard using ALT Prt Scrn. But, because of other things( I have multiple charts up ) I still have to crop to size so I just get the chart I'm posting. IF all you have on the creen is a single chart, then yes, pre-sizing on the screen ( using the middle square thingy) you can get the right chart size without cropping anything.
How did something so simple suddenly get so complicated? hehehe. :)
Oh Dear!!!- Look what I've started :(

Sharky, is it possible to restricted the width on the text, so that it line breaks after x number of letters. That way you can scroll right and left for the post with a chart in, but the text in the later threads will still be in size.

Just a thought
Width of Charts

Hi All,

I am fairly new to T2W and decided to read all the posts on "Market Chat". On page 14, even if you scroll out the left hand column, it is not possible to read the text without continually scrolling back and forth because of the size of charts that have been posted. It would be great if this can be all sorted out.

It's not going to be possible to resize or crop charts or images in existing post. There's just simply no way to automate this without a lot of effort and probably distorted images. We've got a trial size restriction now in place, so all future posts will now only contain images that will fit in your standard 1024x768 screen.