New version of Updata


Updata have just released Trader 11 a new improved version of there software.
I have been beta testing the new version for about a month and have found it very much improved.

Here is a link to the site and a few of the new features.


Updata Trader Professional II is our ground breaking system designed to revolutionise the way you manage your investments.

This fully integrated environment makes it easier to focus on your trading and maximise your performance.

Take the hard work out of watching the markets by letting your system do the work for you.

Find accelerating stocks earlier

Employ powerful graphical analysis

Receive alerts based on your rules

Lock in profits and avoid downturns

Share ideas with other investors live
Take care I've tried it for all of three hours before uninstalling it and asking for my money back. The bits that work are super but there are far too many bugs in it for me.

How did you get on with the portfolio? The maths gave me daft answers because some of the numbers were in pence and some in pounds and the program didn't appear to know the difference. Came up with some unusual values.

There was plenty more, which is a pity because I use their software on a daily basis and its excellent.

The above is only my experience others may have different views.