New T2W Version 5


I've started work on the next version of the website. As anyone who has read the history of the site will know we've already had four versions in the past three years - although we've stayed more or less the same for the past two at least (at least in terms of look and feel - there's been lots of new functional additions).

I'll be drawing on the strengths of the existing site, but by rebuilding from the ground up I hope to fine tune existing sections and launch whole new sections of the site.

I don't anticipate the new site will be launched until late in the first quarter of 2004, but it will mean that you'll see fewer addition to the existing sites whilst we concentrate our efforts on the new site. You'll also notice an increased desire to hear your feedback about the existing the site and ways to improve it.

Along with a new look/feel (which will retain some elements of the existing design), and the new functionality (including the very latest forum technology) we hope to launch with the site hosted on it's own dedicated server which will improve the speed of the site considerably, we'll also likely to revert to the domain recognising the diversity of membership on the site.

As we're still very much in the conceptual stages, any feedback we get now is far more likely to make it into the end product. I'll also be sending a comprehensive questionnaire to all members next month to attain an even better understanding of members needs.
when or if the site ever goes down, could we have a redirect
telling us so. ?

never sure whether its you or my isp.
Hi bonsai, if the site is ever unavailable its because theres been a technical problem, either with your isp, our web server, our database server, the dns servers, the hosted internal network, the hosted external connectivivty. But sometimes it's difficult to know which is causing it, if you can browse other websites chances are it's a problem our end. One way to find out is to open a dos prompt (start->run-> type "cmd") and then enter "tracert" which will track the route to our servers, if the trace doesn't complete then you know there's a problem wherever it stops (could be your isp or our hosted servers).

Otherwise if we schedule maintenance then we'lll announce on the boards, with as much notice as possible and we'll through up a holding page to tell you why the site is not available and when it will be available again.