Website Makeover!


Well here at T2W we've been busy behind the scenes getting ready an updated look to the site with a few new features as well. We'll be switching over later tonight, so if your not up as late as me (I should hope not!) then when you visit the site tomorrow you'll probably think you've come to the wrong place. We've droped the blue color scheme in favour of golden yellow. Apart form the athestics there'll be some new sections, updates to existing sections and removal of a few things too. Anyway, you'll see soon enough. But still we're very much work in progress so expect lots of updates tomorrow too! Sorry for any disruption that may be caused when the actual switchover occurs.

Can I just say how much I am impressed with the continuing developement and improvement of this site.
I was a complete newcomer to the "share trading" world when I came across this site some 7 months ago.
This site has provided me with the very best information and insight into all aspects of "trading",both through the bulletin boards and the excellent chat room service.
Long may it continue !

Many thanks to all the people who make this site possible.