Spring Makeover


Well it's spring time again and that means one thing... another makeover of the website! And just when you were getting comfortable with the old one I hear you cry. Well the T2W site has been through more cosmetic changes than Pamela Anderson, but that doesn't mean we can't strive to be better. This time round I'm keeping the existing look and feel and just tidying things up a little - making sure everything is clean, sharp and fast.

Work started yesterday and with a bit of luck we might be ready to launch the new look sometime in May.

At the same time I intend to expand the competition, and get the Tools section finished - which is my main priority.

PAL talk

Hi Sharky,

I was trying to find last sunday's PAL talk lecture. Any chance you can tell me where it is. Is there an archive section somewhere that i should be referring to ?

Thanks and regards...
Nobody should be required to disclose more about themselves than they wish to, and I can understand newcomers filling in as little detail as possible in the profile section until they get to know who they are mixing with here. But some profiles remain so empty as to be hardly worth calling profiles.

Can I suggest the site includes some sort of "Are you happy with your current profile? Does it need updating?" message somewhere. Possibly under the 'welcome back' greeting on the home page (or elsewhere if unessential clutter on home page is to be avoided).

(Mind you - if everyone now dashes off and fills out their profiles this posting won't make sense any longer..)

Also: I don't know how many members actually have photos in the photo space on their profile pages, but if there are some, can the gallery page include links to them? I haven't spotted any yet.

And alongside 'Last Post' where it says 'Never', can we have 'None' or 'None Yet' ? Never sounds a bit of a harsh observation!
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Hi Purple,

Thanks for the feedback. Good point about the profiles. It would be great to make better use of them. At the moment you're not required to disclose anything apart from a valid email address. And I would say at a really rough guess about 50% fill out the profile form on sign up. But I don't think many if anybody regularly updates their profile. It would be great to make better use of the profiles and which would encourage more people to make use of them. For instance if we could break down membership into specialist areas, and also geographic location, it might be really useful if you're looking for someone to get into contact with, or simply to find out for example.. what the majority of people trade.

As for the photos, this is confusing.. we have a gallery and a photos section. Confused? Yeah it is a bit. The photos of members are in fact viewable from the top button called "photos" when your browsing the bb - the link is http://www.trade2win.co.uk/boards/main_photogallery.php?s=. A few people added their picture when I first added the ability, but since then no-one else has added their picture. (I still have to add mine!) which may have more to do with not knowing about this facility. The gallery was added before the photos, and is just for pictures taken on t2w events. There really is no reason to have to seperate sections for photographs, and the only reason they are now because it was much simpler to implement it tha way. However it's on the to-do list a long with quite a few things.

Like I've said before, there lots to do and lots of ways in which we can improve the site.

Ah! Right. Yes. Sorry. My mistake. That 'photos' link is there in front of me now you mention it, so ignore my confusing request above. (I used to survey buildings, so you'd think I had some powers of observation, but they've obviously faded). In fact having now looked at those pics I realise I've been there and seen them before.

(Thinks... I need more sleep...)