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I would like to hear from old Updata customers who had purchased outright either Trader II or Technical Analyst and now been asked pay again for these product in order to continue the service.

For all such customers, I believe Updata are in breach of Contract. They should either provide refund or a non-expiry product key for the programmes to continue.

I am sure there must be hundreds of Updata customers before the introduction of their IP feed who may have paid £1000 or more and now been asked to pay again.

Please let me know either if you been refunded or given a new product key.
....I was one of the first buyers....

The way things are - from what I understand - is that all those who paid whatever the amount i.e £1000/- will be provided with free data until the amount you paid for the software has been written off aginst the cost data provided...

After that you pay monthly data feed costs...

All new buyers will pay data costs only...

For eod it is £28 odd pounts and for real time it is approx £55 odd pounds...

I don't use that package anymore...
I bought TA 14 months ago. I remember something about a service charge coming in this year but didn't hear anything more.
Anyhow, I don't use it 'cos it don't work! Problem is that they only support their own feed. I use Tenfore and if I get a crash(everyone gets one sometime) I lose all the data and have to start again! Also they could never work out why I couldn't draw a daily chart of FTSE Future. I could get 1min, 5min, any min you like but no daily. I think they're still down the pub working on it. I always said they released the programme a year too early. Better make that 18 months.
...and other thing that has prompted me to scrap this programme entirely is that they have stopped exporting the data from the software...

therefore if you did any research using excel etc you can't...

This facility was avilable and made avilable to all users and then suddenly stopped...the reason ?..well our data suppliers have told us to do so..!!!...

This gives impression of wishy washy development of a package...I have revived my old Indexia...
Thank you for your replies so far.

wysi - The licence does not say that the product will expire sometime in the future and the screen will go blank!

zambuck - So far Updata haven't agreed to any compensation. They're hoping the old custmers will go away or out of frustration will pay for new Licence. They don't reply to your e-mails or return your phone calls.

oatman - have you asked for a refund?
I don't know about Trader, but as I understand it, TA users will be able to continue to use Updata's EOD IP feed without charge until October 2003.

Thereafter, TA users will be charged for their IP feed at the going rate - whatever that maybe; but circa £28.00 per month sounds about right to me.

FWIW, thats my understanding at any rate.

Does this help you?

They don't reply to your e-mails or return your phone calls.

Have you tried faxing? This was the only way I got a response when I tried getting a refund from a trial of Trader II about 2 years ago. :mad:

..or write...registereed post to Jeremy..

You will always get an answer...and phone call immediately...

I did anyway all the time...tale or organ grinder etc comes to mind..!!!
I haven't bothered with a refund. I bought the programme discounted as an Indexia customer, with free XP upgrade from 98se, and they say they'll address the data saving problem "soon".
If and when it works it'll be a good programme.
I intend to sit in Updata's office tomorrow until they offer me a resolution. Failing which I may have to take a drastic action like filing for a Winding Order in the High Court. (This will cost me £750 but what the hell. Pleasure will be all mine!)
Careful.......they'll get you answering the fones. :LOL:
Seriously tho' good luck mate.
ps. What's your handle on Updata forum?
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I bought TA about 18 months ago. It simply would not work properly despite all their best (but feeble) attempts. Eventually I lost patience and demanded that they take it back and refund me. They made that as awkward as possible, however, when roused I am the stubborn nightmare customer from hell. Finally I told them that unless this was resolved within 24hrs they could resume our fight with my solicitor who had the court documents prepared and was sending them next day unless I prevented it.
Strangely, it was all sorted the next day !
I cannot understand why anybody uses them when there are plenty companies with decent packages looking for customers and prepared to show care and concern towards them.
Updata should be dumped, if only for their terrible and arrogant attitude.
When I contrast their offerings and attitude with those of Sharescope and Proquote who I have used for a couple of years, I am astonished they are still in business.
I used Trader 1.
Tried Trader 2.
Gave up (it was the launch:-(

Tried TA (foc for a month.
After 1 day gave up: they claim it is the most advanced in the UK..
Well if it is , then the rest must be apalling.

Come to think of it, that is my description of them..and their software..

I kept IRT (I can program scans , my own indicators, continuous improvements and the support is very good:- same day answers :)

Fraid my acronym for Updata is : carp.
i used trader pro 11 for i year,cost me £1600 for first year,i was told last november broadcast system will finish december 02.in my case internet delivery was not on.when i rang updata i was told take internet or dont!!!.
if i had know at the time of buying software that broadcast system could be stopped i would never have looked at updata.
£1600 for one years use!help line available after 75 minute wait!
thanks for nothing .when i see mr linton on bloomberg i get the urge to kick the tv.ho hum no wonder i am broke.
Hi dunlop,

Don't blame the market or your tool/s for being broke.

You are not trading in the zone as Mark Douglas would say so can only expect to lose.

...I think in dunlop's case he has more than resonable right to blame his tools...if not markets...

In his case he has mentioned some quite right and serious situation regarding the package that many users have also grumbled about..
Hi oatman,

To put in a diplomatic language, I had useful and frank discussion with David Linton. He said I am the only one who has complained, which is not true. He said either some refund or forward value will be offered to me. We shook hands and I left.

For next 14 days I'll leave it at that, but its not the end.
Mmmmm! Interesting thread.Anyone that's get one over on Updata deserves a cyber pat on the back. The latest dollop of 'do-do' that they have served up has more bugs in it than Fash's plastic pants.

The chap that posted blaming the 'tools' ( Updata) is spot on & there are many more that have lost £ 0000's because of the shoddy product they have brought to market over the last 10yrs.

Every new upgrade takes them one step forward & two backwards. There are two things that knock you out of doing this on a daily business.

1) Running out of cash

2) Time

The above are intrinsically linked, more so when using Updata Software.