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You posted this a while ago, just wondered if you had got anywhere with it? My yearly subscription came to an end in April,
& has been extended to July 3rd- gratis.

Now looking at £ 1004 or 684 + VAT annual as you rightly point out -for a product already purchased.

Is it possible to use the software with another RT feed, preferably internet as opposed to say- Prestel or the like?

I would like to hear from old Updata customers who had purchased outright either Trader II or Technical Analyst and now been asked pay again for these product in order to continue the service.

For all such customers, I believe Updata are in breach of Contract. They should either provide refund or a non-expiry product key for the programmes to continue.

I am sure there must be hundreds of Updata customers before the introduction of their IP feed who may have paid £1000 or more and now been asked to pay again

Please let me know either if you been refunded or given a new product key.
Hi lockstock,

Well, following my visit to Updata's office on 14th May, I was promised by David Linton that I would be offered either "a part refund or some forward value."

Promises, promises thats all you get from the most arrogant ceo and his mickey mouse company!
A free binder to keep your solicitor's letters in?
Good luck by the way - assuming awful sales were the reason for stopping that method of delivery, you'd think some form of free ride for paid up users would be the obvious answer. Unless, of course, the monthly returns are doing badly as well? It's amazing how good that company is at annoying people whilst providing a good basic product. Software 10/10, support 0 as ever - a crying shame with such a good program at stake.
I was running www.tenfore.com(Clive Arneil in London) into Updata TA via satellite. They do internet as well. 28 day free trial. Also chart package thrown in. Have a look. Trouble is that if you crash, TA doesn't "save". They say they're working on it. Ha Ha. Updata say you should have their feed. I said B......., they only provide UK prices. So my programme's useless. I only paid the introductory offer and got free XP upgrade so I'm not so much out of pocket. I've also still got Indexia.
I'm going try to feed IB prices into it but not sure what I'm doing. I've got nothing to lose as there's no data!

Good luck
Cheers Oatman,

Just so I understand you fully.

1) I can keep Updata 2 & TA ( 'cos I've purchased it)

2) Go to any data provider & ask them to supply me with a RT data feed & the system will work , in otherwords, Updata don't hold an activation key to my system to prevent me form using their/my software with someone else's data feed?

3) I'll have a look at your suggestion, whist you confirm or refute the above.

thanx for your reply
I don't know about a data key, or whether they're able to introduce one. It's possible that when they sort out the programme they'll charge for "maintenance" as Indexia used to. It'll take any DDE link. As I said tho, if you crash they don't support you. You'll lose everything. I tend to work off short term charts so it's no big deal. Tenfore's charts work OK, but not so many tools.

Good luck

Get a trial with 10/4, you'll soon see that it works.
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