Updata Open Day


Just to say hello to anyone who is visting after attending the Updata open day.

Please take a look and feel free to register and post whether you are a old hand or newbie all contributions are welcomed.

If you are a new to trading remember we all were once and I'm sure there are plenty of more experinced traders more than willing to help you.

If you are an experienced trader please share your knowlege and ideas with us so the we can all progress and perhaps not lose two much money along the way. And maybe even make some

We are adding to the board all the time and if you have any suggestions let us know we are always open to new ideas.

I hope you enjoyed the Updata open day I certainly did its a great place to meet other like minded people and share ideas and view new products.

Welcome to trade2win

It would be interesting to know if those of us who live north of Watford could persuade Updata to hold a session outside London. I would promise not to wear my flat cap and clogs (as long as I can keep my whippet and black pudding)

Was it worth it? Would it be worth the journey?


Cheers Jeff for yesterday.
Didn't get a chance to speak with you directly (rock star status !!!) but appreciate what you had to say in general.
I work full time as a shift worker (computer networks) so have the best of both worlds.........although, I'd rather be doing this full time. I'd rather have others to comms
with, bounce ideas off etc........rather than screen watch and listen to money channel / bloomberg all day.
Just for the record I use a live feed trader on a dedicated machine (twin headed) and have another machine for internet useage etc. I was keen on what you had to say about CFDs and GNI / CMC..........I'm curretly using Schwab's, which I've had no problems with but no doubt getting stung.
Need to look into CFDs further.

Hi to anyone else who's reading.