Must trash trading book


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Must trash trading book

Following on from Des44's post "must have trading book" this is for books that you would like to pass on to your worst enemy as a gift.
Heres my choice a book i read about 4yrs ago.

The way of the Warrior Trader-RD Mcall


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Politicians life story books Ugh!
Not a trading book? sorry... but think about it... politicians are the reasons for economies being where they are now.
We are at their mercy and they suck in the gullible and manipulate, distort, make new laws in their favour.


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Salty Gibbon why was that?


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The way of the warrior trader.

Compares being a trader to being a Samurai Warrior. Worth a laugh...


Day trader Secrets, by FreidFertig and West. except for the last chapter which was by the authors the
rest of the book contains a collection of completely worthless interviews with successfull daytraders
(atleast they were succesfull at the time ). They dispense such advice as "know your levels", "play relative
strength", "if the market is strong you probably want to be long" blah blah etc.


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Salty Gibbon said:
Mein Kampf by Adolf Hitler.

Bloody useless for trading

Yeah but it's HUGE in Turkey. Ok, that means nothing...


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frugi said:
The Compleat [sic] Day Trader II by Jake Bernstein springs to mind.

This guy is an Ass. Pardon the language, he used to push a trading system on late night infomercials in the states. I love the fact he stole the Beatles spelling to push his book full of stolen ideas and worthless information. I just realized that the libel laws in the UK are a lot stiffer than the US.

Jake is a gentleman and a scholar...


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Come into my trading room by Elder.

Please take no offence as many people seem to have enjoyed this book. It is just that I seem to be in a minority with regards to trading books. Many highly recommended ones have proved useless to me, while I have found what I need in some little known ones.

Unfortunately this book falls into the former category. :(

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I nearly bought Bernstein's book as well, just as well i didn't.

We had this topic before and my answer is the same as then: Alan Farley's Master Swing Trader thingy. Utter worthless boolocks. Convoluted, unintelligible rubbish.
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