Must-have trading book...


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Not sure that any of my book recommendations would fit the "Must-have trading book," but I like them.

My top three trading books (so far):
1) Trading for a Living, Elder
2) Trading in the Zone, Douglas
3) Japanese Candlestick Charting Techniques SE, Nison

Experience: I trade for a living with a strong focus on equities (stocks) using candlestick charting. I mentor on the side also.

Tim had a good idea and asked that we state where we are in our trading journey to help put any trading book recommendations into perspective.

It would be very interesting to know what trading book has been significant in helping your trading. I know there are many trading books out there but few have the potential to significantly help on in their trading endeavors.



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Top 3 Trading Books

1.....The Stocktrader.......Tony Oz
2.....Taking Money from Wall St............Tony Oz
3.....The Market is always Right......Thomas McCafferty

Experience.....4yrs.........2.5yrs technical trading, 1.5yrs investing (currently investing)
Professional background Medicine (Clinical, & Research)
Looking to retire from this, to full-time sailing and investing.



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Market Wizards and the new Market Wizards, Jack Schwager
Aerodynamic trading, Constance Brown

Experience...15 years mostly electronic trading Bonds and now Euribor.
I will never stop trading, I love it, but I am thinking of moving towards position trading as more than just a hobby.


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Not a trading book as such but a very important read as it gives insight into the behaviour of people
Crowds and Power by Elias Canetti


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favourite rtradeing books

my favourite books are
1/ tradeing for a liveing by dr elder
2come into my tradeing room by dr elder
3/a to z technical analysis by steven achelis
4/technical analysis by jack schwager


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spunkyblonde said:
my favourite books are
1/ tradeing for a liveing by dr elder
2come into my tradeing room by dr elder
3/a to z technical analysis by steven achelis
4/technical analysis by jack schwager

No 3 A-Z of Tech Analysis is free online from (save a few bob) ;)

My Choices

Trend following by Covell
Short Term Trading - Toni Turner
Rem. of a Stock Operator (1923) Edwin Le Fevre (lousy speller me!)
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Good advice re the equis material.

I am curious why one would choose Covell's book. Here is a guy who failed as a turtle then spent the rest of his life selling "turtle course" to potential traders at rip off prices. Those who took them tell of bad support and a guy who didnt understand his material --- but had great marketing. When Curtis came out and made the material free he publishes his book.

Thanks to Mike I wont buy from Amazon anymore ... because the reviews were demonstrated to be bogus. Whenever anyone gave a bad review he got it removed --- in hours not days!

Personally I would recommend the Market Wizard books if you want to read about trend followers. At least the author is genuine.

For Trading Books I would add John Hill's "The Ultimate Trading Guide" for a really good overview of a lot of different trading strategies that you could use profitably and Chick Goslin's Trading Day by Day for a good Trend Following Strategy.

For Psychology, Mark Douglas's The Disciplined Trader and Steenbarger's The Psychology of Trading.
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samtron said:
I on my third reading, its a great book.

Reminiscences of a Stock Operator (Edwin Lefevre)
Agreed. I read very few books twice; Reminiscences is one of those rare exceptions.

Jack Schwager's books are good, especially his Market Wizards series.

Pit Bull (Marty Schwartz) is fun to read. It does not offer broad lessons to the extent offered by Reminiscences, nor the depth of Schwager's books. It is, though, entertaining and has some valuable insights.


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The books that have helped me a lot in evolving my investing / trading
approach are:-

1. Reminiscences – La Fevre (naturally! – try to read it every 2 years and
always seem to find a new insight which I didn’t spot before)
2. Secrets Of Profiting in Bull and Bear Markets – Weinstein
(Basic, but an excellent, sound system which has stood me in good stead).
3. Wall Street – The Other Las Vegas and How I Made $2mil – Nicolas Darvas
4. Methods of a Wall Street Master – Victor Sperandeo,
(especially on trend lines and his 1-2-3, double tops, assessing risk)
5. One-Way Formula – William Dunnigan (a masterpiece)
and finally
6. Price and Volume etc. E-book by DBPhoenix (delightfully written and
provides the missing link I’ve been looking for in my trading).
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