Mini dow ticker for Tradestation 2000i?


Hello, I use Tradestation 2000i with 'on demand server' to connect to Esignal in order to use it's data.

I trade the mini dow, who's ticker used to be:

CME:YM #F for continuous contract or

CME:YM Z3 for present contract

Now here's the challenge, I've just upgraded from Esignal 7.1 to Esignal 7.4 ( well actually deleted and loaded new version) and the above tickers do not work! I've tried various combinations to get the ticker to work, but to no avail.

I've talked to Esignal and 'On demand server' people ,but no one knows what's going on..... aghhhh

I've been though loads of posts on this super site and I know I've seen people who are using a similar set up and so would be very grateful if they or anyone else could help me. Thanks
Hi Paul, I use Interactivebrokers. I've read most of your posts, and have found them to be very helpful.
Hi Cuddles,

I was asking with a view to suggesting that you could use IB as a feed to TS but I have just realised that you need Metaserver to do it.

What have esignal told you is the actual name for YM on their system ? Also are you still able to get realtime data on other symbols ?

Hi Cuddles,

I assume you can get YM #F in eSignal OK?

As an aside, can I ask why you use OnDemand Server and not UniServer?


Hi guys,
IB as feed- yes actually I remember reading one of, I think your previous posts about that. If I’m not wrong the only downside is that there’s no ‘back fill’ (you get just the data from when you log on).

Esignal – They said that it’s the same as above:
CME:YM #F for continuous contract or
CME:YM Z3 for present contract
They also said, try some combinations using ‘CBOT’ (which I’ve tried) and try talking to the Tradestation people. I think it’s something to do with the new version of Esignal or the ‘On demand server’,as to why things are not working.

Other symbols – I have a 5min chart of ES running ( CME:ES #F), I’ve yet to try the Eurostoxx 50 or Bund etc

YM#F in Esignal – yes that works fine thanks

Uniserver – hmmm…I remember reading about that, but I can’t remember the reason why I went for ‘On demand server’ instead. It maybe because ODS, just costs one fee, where as Uniserver costs $120 per year?
I hope it's okay to do this,but I got the below from the Esig discussion board:

'On Demand Server makes TS function as if it were an online application
(for example like eSignal) by downloading the requested data and keeping it
in memory only as long as it is running. It will not save data to disk.
What you need is Uniserver which instead downloads historical data and saves
it directly to Global Server'.

Even if you used IB for your live data you can always get backfil data using Historybank.

Are you able to get YM Z3 data or chart displayed in esignal ?


I must be honest I’ve never really looked too much into using Historybank. So are you saying that you could get backfill in a intra day format? That would be great, as I would not need Esignal, who now include vat in their monthly charge for data (costs £105 a month!).

Just been reading some previous posts (especially the one below), if you don’t mind me asking, how do you find the Metaserver/IB and historybank set up? What I mean is, are there any disadvantages? Do you still find that you need Esignal data?

No not able to get ‘YM Z3’ , although I can get the dax, stoxx and bund.

Thanks for your help and sorry for all the questions.

Cuddles :D
I may have dreamt this but I thought eSignal could now be plugged directly into TS2000i. So no need for UniServer or OnDemand Server. Can't find where I read/dreamt it though.

True enough. Latest eSignal (7.4) contains a TS "plug-in" that modifies the TS menus so that you can backfill directly from eSignal.

you didn't dream it! I was reading about it last night (late last night!) it's called 'Active X plug in' and is from Esignal. I wonder how users are getting on with it?
Well I've used - or tried to. I think it may suffer from that perennial problem of US-developed software - the inability to recognise UK dates and timezones. When using it, it all appears to work ie it goes away, downloads millions of ticks, imports it into GlobalServer and the like, but then I have odd looking charts and very strange data in GlobalServer.

I had to fall back to using DynaLoader in the end. It may be that I am not understanding how to configure it properly, of course.

Just been in contact with on demand server people and using their advice I've been able to get a chart of YM, although as you say it looks a little strange.

What I did, which may help you, is to go into globalserver,click on tools, select 'edit symbol dictionary' and you can then set up the desired ticker.

The only thing is, I'm having to guess the setting for the YM ticker.
I guess it should be common sense setting it up, but a task like this can take hours. If someone has the settings, that would be purrrfect. For example : 'price scale', ' daily limit', 'min movement'
'Big point Value' etc
Thanks folks
Hi guys i use tradestation 2000 with metaserver and ib and use e-signals new pluggin for downloading data i find if i have global server running and no charts up its ok if charts are up data does look strange but apart from that it works ok.

Regards mark
Hi folks,
Marky, you must be smarter then me, I couldn’t get it to work, so I’m back to using the ‘On demand Server which is working well.
The Esignal plug in didn’t seem to give me access to the historybank option that Global server has, which I thought it would.
I’m wandering if anyone knows what is going to happen once stops it’s free service in December 2003.
Using Metaserver with IB seems like a good idea, but what about a cheap replacement for Esignal is good, but £100 a month!!!! I'm looking for futures data. Thanks for any ideas. :cool:
I eventually got the eSignal plug-in to work correctly. It seems that incorrect values were being picked up in the GlobalServer min-movement, point values, divide values etc. Once these were set as they should be, the plug-in downloaded data correctly, but I have found it sometimes crashes GlobalServer when I download intraday data.

All in all, DynaLoader works with far less hassle, albeit being a bit more complicated to use.