Tradestation 2000i users


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Tradestation 2000i users
I’m not sure what happened, but I connected to (first time I’ve done this) and it crashed, causing me to lose all my data. I use hyper server in conjunction with IB for intra day data collection. This still works fine, it’s just the past data that’s now gone and has so put a stop to my back testing work.
I’d be ever so grateful if someone could possibly send me some intra day data (as far back as is convenient to send) for the emini futures – YM (dow) and ES (S&P) in ‘*omz format (tradestation).
I’m sort of stuck at the moment so would really appreciate the support – thanks. :)


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I have emini data for ES if that is any use.

I will need an email address to do this please send me a PM and not an internet one because the file is big.



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HyperServer like all other ex Free Tools are discontinued from 2007, we announced it on Feb 2006.
You need to use the comemrcial version for get it working

HyperTrader Team
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