Im using sharescope along with metastock and have started using metaload to update my files as prev suggested by Zambuck. This has made updating so much simpler, not having to worry about symbol lists. My query is, has anybody had any experience with metatools. Ive down loaded a trial version which has left me confused. Basically Im trying to purge inactive files, but when I try this with metatools it shows one file as all active and all the rest as inactive. I have it configured as my download folder is trhe sharescope export, therefore when I use maintainance it lets me choose one file from this folder but not more than one. I think this is where Im going wrong Can anybody advise
Regards Robert

Metatools used to link up with FT site from which it used to 'compare' with the list of current securities in say FTSE 100, 250, Techmark etc etc...and then maintain the data...

That facility of a free link up was withdrawn by FT site and hence that brilliant feature of metatools no longer works.....and hence my fall back solution of Sharescope...

I was promised by Sentinel that that the feature of metatools will soon be operable....but so far no news....perhaps you can also query this with them...

I understand that the maintenence feature still works if you 'show' metatools the list of current list in FTSE 100, 250 etc...but it is long winded and thus I no longer use it..

Thanks for your reply, no wonder I was getting no were. Is there a way to purge data files of inactive shares using either the downloader or metaload. I see there is Delete in the downloader, to go through each folder manually. This to me seems the only way so far.
Regards Robert

If you are using sharescope then data export will 'maintain' the list if you do it once a month..

In sharescope you have a facility to 'see' the data of security that has been deleted for a set period of time....If you adjust that then as long as you carry out monthly or even 2 monthly data maintenance you will be ok...Every two month you must export ALL data into folders that you have created that matched sharescope....

If you are worried about deleting the data then create a new list from say today and do the full export...

In case of a problem you can always merge the data using downloader...

See my comments on another thread under MS...

Over a period of times I have managed to obtain data going back to day one of many indices etc by this method....

I would not worry too much about data maintenance as long as it is carried out a month or even 2 monthly basis...Most will be filtered out anyway...

Hope that helps...

Zambuck, Thanks again for your reply. Ive got myself to wrapped up in maintaining the Data that i completely overlooked the fact that I would be doing a monthly export for each folder. Of course now I think about this Sharescope will have done the purging anyway. The reason I think Ive become fixated is because I also maintain a list of all shares in excel, this is were Metaload has been a blessing. I can now save the report from Metaload in excel of the Shares it has updated, then compare my list of shares with Metaloads. Brilliant. One final point just to lay this to rest, when you do your monthly/2 monthly maintenance for each folder in Metastock, do you first delete the data form each of these folders, in effect starting a fresh. Thanks again for your help
Regards Robert

As I have plenty of space 100 Gb....I start again...old folders are in a way a I have six versions of 'back up' and start fresh...only the folders that i want to continue get copied to the new folder....

When there is space, why delete?...start new..

Thanks Zambuck,
Ive got plenty of disc space also so Ill start afresh. Besides I need to get into better habits regarding Backing up data. Im also planning on writing these folders to a CD on a monthly basis. CDs a alot cheeper than replacing Data. Thanks again for your advice It meens I can move on to new areas of Metastock, and as Ive only had it for 6 months or so, theres plenty to learn. Excellent.
Regards Robert