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Does anybody have any advice re exporting/importing with sharescope. Im trying to export data trim the data sat 1994 to 1996, then re import the data which I will store in a portfolio to do some back testing on. Ive got as far as exporting and using equis downloader to trim the data. So far so good until I try to import the data back into sharescope. Ive tried exporting in all the options, and using the downloader to convert in all its options but just cant solve the problem. If I export to excel and trim the data myself I can import this file ok, but this will take forever and eventually I want to trim the data from 94 to 95, 94 to 96, 94 to 97 etc. Any advice would be appreciated. Regards Robert.
Sort of -
get a demo disk from Investorease, then export the data in Metastock format, instant data history voila. Much easier than messing about with the Sharescope stuff and the data is the one thing I'd say I'Ease does well.
...or get this package for a little cost....

having used sharescope, metastock and downloader etc I must say that i nevr had any problems...but anyway see the is also a very goos utility...

Thakyou for your replys, Ive looked at the recomended site and there isnt any thing that will do what Im trying to do. Ive played with the equis downloader a bit more and the problem seem to be that when it converts and trims my date it adds a line listing ticker, period etc and a column of the share name. When trying to import sharescope wont accept the firs line and gives up. Ive worked away around this by exporting form sharescope as *.prn, then trimming and converting to *.csv. Then opening in excel, deleting the first row, and first 2 columns then saving as tab delim text file. Then I can import into sharescope. I can write a vba macro in excel to scroll through the files and do the deleting. Long winded but it works. The downloaders on the site you recomended dont seem to do the trimming, also sharescope wont import true metastock files. I take the point about investease, but I would really like to acheave this in sharescope because its an excelent package. The trimming is the important bit as this is the only way I will be able to backtest in sharescope, even is it meens over 500 portfolios Im sure it will be worth it.
Regards Robert
Just an update, I did as in the prev post to discover that when I added the shares to the portfolio I couldnt the delete the imports with emptying the portfolio, and there apears no way to have imports into individual folders, back to the drawing board. Regards Robert

I have succesfully transferred data between Indexia, Metastock, Updata TA (now I don't use that programme by the way) and Sharescope....all using Downloader ver 8....

So if you tell me what extensions and what software it needs to be exported to then I will see if i can give some advise...

Or send me a file and instructions and i will try to do that...

Send me a pm if you are interested to try it out.
...Hi JonnyT

I must say that I have not imported data into sharescope...because there was no was always export from that package.....

But between Indexia and Metastock it has been import / export without any problems..

the reason I was running all these along with Prestel was to check the data accuracy and research I was doing at that time..

Prestel and sharescope were the most accurate ones..