sorry in advance if this is boring!
I want to use marketeye feed with updata software,i had a trial use last year and found news repeated non stop,even though i paid updata £1500 for software they would not give any help because my membership was up.does any one know can the news feed problem be cured?if so how?
i cant use updata help forum as i dont have pass word/user name,so much for life time help from updata. :cry:
I still have access to Updata. I'm not sure if it will accept Market Eye but it supposed to be configurable for any feed that is DDE capable. I don't know if market eye is.
Whether it will or not may be irrelevant as I'm not sure that DDE is capable of the quantity of data transfer that a live feed generates - perhaps others may know this - try asking on The techie thread too - if you find out I'd like to know
If you can find out and will give me your email address I will send you the manual I have from Updata about configuring for 3rd party feeds
Don't wish to be pessimistic but I think several have tried this type of thing. Oatman who is a member of T2W is an ex Updata man & was doing some work with the IB feed but I don't know how he got on. Try asking him too.
I was going to try it with esignal but didn't pursue it.
One day Updata will have a great system but I need a useable and flexible one now and so am trying IRT with myTrack!
The packaging of software with a feed is v irritating - especially after the software has been paid for - I'm cutting my losses. Have a look at IRT - it is v flexible, programmable and can backtest and scan and it accepts about 6 different feeds
I have a feeling that the newsfeed problem has been fixed in the latestU/D issue but you need a valid subscription for that.

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Just seen this. I was trying to feed IB in but couldn't reveal the DDE codes IB use. I've got Tenfore running into Updata at the moment. I have no subscription. Complain that you've bought the programme and that you are unable to access the support pages.
Try this link
You should be able to get the TA manual.
Then go to page 442 in their pages or it's 453 on Adobe :confused:
You should be able to configure the feed.
Go to the Updata icon in bottom rt corner select Real time Feeds,Statistics,DDE server,Configure. This will take you to DDE Linking in. Your feed might be there. If not that's when the fun starts. The instructions are in the manual. You will have to find which format Market Eye use. They say you can reveal the codes by copy/paste special your feed into a spread sheet which should update in realtime to reveal the DDE format. Fiddle with one 'til you get an update in TA. You'll see No. of updates increasing in the DDE server Statistics. Let me know if you get stuck. I'm no expert but I have been fiddling with the set up for a while. I might be able to help.
Good luck.
many thanks for reply,marketeye feeds into updata very well,share prices,r/t charts work well.only bother is the news feed.i might well be better off to junk updata and go for tenfore.
thanks again for your time.
Sorry bout that, I misread. You must be able to stop the news.
Tenfore is Satellite or Internet. You can get a free trial.
If you go for Sat, you obviously have to buy and install a dish.
My internet is only 64k so I went for the Sat.,
Good luck
Hi Dunlop,

I'm unclear if you want the news and if not why not?

The reason I'm saying this is because so far as I'm aware you don't get any news if you're using - or subscribing to - Technical Analyst software; which is different from Trader Pro II or Technical Analyst Trader which combines both pieces of software.

Does this help?