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Has anyone ever gone on Lord Jamla's tuition courses? I have tried leaving messages on bulletin boards and sent him a private message (he doesn't allow e-mails), none of which he has the courtesy of replying to.
I have traded for the last 2 years with mixed results but I am always open to learn from people who say they have a methodology and are prepared to share at a reasonable cost.
So my questions are;
a) Has anyone been on Lord Jamla's course or made personal contact with him.
b) Are his claims justifiable or is he just highlighting his postings that have been correct and ignoring the others. I'm sure there's a lot of us guilty of doing the same, even if it is to ourselves.
c) Have you been on any other truly enlightening ones, showing methods that stray from the norm and have a good success rate.

And to the Lord J himself, how do people find out about your courses, is it by invitation only? Only for the selected few that you deem eligible?
I am not trying to be rude but in this business I have only come accross like minded individuals who try to help each other. You seem to enjoy going out on a limb to cause controversy and attract resentment against you, why do this as I am sure you have a lot to offer this community.
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Re: Seminars

I have experienced exactly the same problem as the previous poster in that my emails and private messages have not been answered.

I think the phrase "all bigtalk and no action" springs to mind.
He likes winding people up and I don't think he is worth listening to. The last prediction I found was for the FTSE to start falling. It did for a couple of days but then went back up again.


I think entry points are the easy bit with trading. It's knowing when to take a profit or loss that is the hard bit.

This course has been recommended by a few people. I haven't been on it but TBS seems to know what he is talking about.

"I think entry points are the easy bit with trading. It's knowing when to take a profit or loss that is the hard bit."

Very, Very, True.
If you cannot get a response from someone/anyone, and have no way of contacting them, then surely this is a HUGE warning to be very careful indeed about doing business with them.

I would just like to remind everyone that there are only two courses currently which have the full backing of T2W - Naz' course on Level 2, and TBS's course on TA in a Nutshell. Both of these tutors are known to many of us by their real names, contribute regularly and meaningfully to these boards, have a trading history, trade for a living themselves, are nice people, and are therefore as reputable as is possible to be.

Please be careful out there.
A timely reminder Skim.
People like LJ come and go on these boards. He says that he has answered everyone's questions yet no one has answered his.
He still has not answered 2 questions from his original posting. One from Pervas (I think) and mine.
I'm still trying to work out who the guy is. Though I can't think of anyone that brash.
He is just trying to bang his own gong and sell his course/seminar. Although he will say he isn't, and he is restricted on certain things as regards telling us etc. He will twist other people's postings and cannot see the other view, and has his head so far up his own **** that he can't see anything else. If he said that he could make me a million pound a day if I traded side by side with him, I would graciously decline as I don't like his attitude or approach to people.
To me, it is the smaller things that count, he may have more money than anyone else here, may live in a house with more than your average floors. But who cares. He goes his own way, I go mine. Difference is I listen to other people and hear what they say. I may not agree with what they say, but if they are right and I am wrong, I will take from that and improve myself.

Some of you know who my mentor was/is for our liffe and uk shares and he is very good at what he does and I consider him a lifelong friend without reserve. Not for his ability, but for his outlook and approach to life.
I'm just starting to delve into the Nasdaq and although I am doing okay by what I know, I will seek out the tutorship of Naz and Mr charts when I am ready.
Why? Because they are amongst the best in their field on here, have proven track records and more importantly are still trading after many years. They may not be able to teach me anything about charts, and I will be pleasantly surprised if they do; But I am just a puppy when it comes to NASDAQ level 2, in fact I know nothing, and I must seek out the best in the field, as Naz did and was taught by the top 2 Nasdaq traders in America.

The final question. Why does LJ hide behind the mask of the joker?
Skim and Options

Many thanks for the kind comments.About Lord J.I just dont know.However i would like him to put a little more substance into his posts.More facts and ideas.

I always try to respond to every single e mail that is sent to me on any trading subject from beginners to level 2 trading.So keep them coming.My beginners 1-2-1 courses are working incredibly well,turning the absolutely clueless into profit and can be booked through t2w on the homepage.Just follow the instructions as if you wanted a level 2 course and when i contact you by e mail just tell me you want a beginners course and i'll do it.If you want a mixture of any of them, no problem.

Tongue in cheek Lord J might say this if he wanted to add more facts and substance.

Hi all you sheep dont you know day trading is HARDER here in the UK.The US moves everything,trading is cheap,t/a works better and execution platforms are excellent. Even if i was trading Barclays i could read all the moves a lot better by following the $bkx.x.Barclays started its last big move up in the middle of March when the $bkx.x made a hammer reversal and SLOWLY Barclays responded.

Get a trading life make some serious profits, stop following the herd and trading the UK because it makes you feel comfortable and look to the US where everything happens!
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I think you are right about the US being easier Naz but some of us, because we have family committments CAN'T do that and have to make the best of the UK. There are still opportunities here, it is just harder work and that must be good for the soul ;)
Yes Helen i do appreciate what your saying.

However some of the best US stock moves happen from 2.30-4.30GMT.

I get fed up hearing from good UK daytraders who get to the end of their tether getting bad quotes from sb companies and waiting a minute or more for a fill and being re quoted.

Its absurd that it seems to be that as a UK trader we have to plough through our own market first,realise its faults before we follow others over to US trading.

I can make a $1000 in 30 mins on the open and call it a day.Many other level 2 Nasdaq traders can do the same it just needs a little practice and the confidence to ditch the UK and look for pastures new.

Even basic swing traders and eod traders with internet accounts can make more money trading Nasdaq stocks because they move.
Even though I've only been trading UK stocks for a few weeks, and am in profit, I can see that this could just as easily been a loss. The problem is the costs, even if you realise very quickly the price is going against you stamp duty, spread etc means that even with the tightest of stops I am £200+ in the red.
I find it difficult to see how anybody starts to trade intraday the FTSE. Thankfuly it hasn't taken me long to learn this lesson and I have opened my IB account and intend to trade,with small amounts at first, in a market that at least allows you the opportunity to learn from your mistakes without seriously damaging capital.

Seconded on EOD, although I trade NYSE as well - apart from movement etc I just find the whole US easier, and of course it suits people like me who work until late afternoon. Add in the relative ease of shorting, and combination of factors just makes it more comfortable to trade US. My UK account is virtually lifeless lately, whilst I always have something on the boil over the pond.
Shameful is the only way to describe the way that private UK traders are treated in many respects.If on holiday to the US sometime go and have a look at one of their BIG online trading shows,something like Sharex is over here.

Or if you've got tc2000 go to one of their free seminars around the US.Its getting easier and easier to trade the US and compared with 3-4 years ago more and more people are getting into it.Why becasue the trading opportunities are there, costs are low and spreads are tight and if you trade the Nasdaq the execution platform is the best in the world.