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Lord Jamla

I am interested in your posting. I presume from what you have said that you are a professional trader. What puzzles me is:

How come your'e rather aggressive :confused:

The reason I ask, is that I have spoken to a number of professional traders, all of whom have been exceptional, approachable and non-aggressive - I naturally assummed that all professional traders were like that.

Maybe this was wrong of me, but rather than think bad of you, I would like to give you opportunity to put your side of the story so to speak - Like what is your background, training, trading styles etc.

Looking forward to your response
Lord J


Just seen this post of yours. From what i've seen of this guy, i must say i'm unimpressed. He may be a great trader, but clearly unattractive as a teacher. His style appears to be to brag about his own successes and belittle others while doing this.

Not someone i would go to for learning.

I suggest you don't bother with him. I'm not too surprised he's not bothered to answer you.
Lord Jamla, A.K.A. 'Streetwise' (formerly to be found on spreadsbetting.co.uk), perhaps?

In terms of communicative style they seem to have much in common.

Thought exactly the same thing myself - the lightening wit and gay repartie is very similar!

Hi peeps

Yes I agree with you - Just wanted to give LJ the chance to defend themselves (I believe everyone deserves that).
>FB - I go along with the sentiments of W.C. Fields - "Never give a sucker an even break"!
> Mr C - I hesitate to contradict you, but what he actually sang was "smoke gets in your thighs"! :D