Kick off


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Anyone else had this problem.

I will be reading through the boards and then find that I become a 'guest' and need to register before I can read anymore boards.

When I go back to the home page I have to sign in again.

doesn't matter if I am using aol or IE. and has been happening more and more frequently.

Machine is clean and healthy.

Any ideas. Sharks, Mr C?


Cookies, cookies, cookies. I've not had that problem myself - once logged in you should ONLY ever be logged out when you "Log Out" or remove your cookies. May I ask do you surf any other sites at the same time? Though even then there shouldn't be a conflict. Strange.


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Mmmm, ta for the swift replies.

I do clean off the cookies and other stuff all the time. But when I come back to T2W I expect to log in again. No problem there.

It's when I have logged in and keep on poping back to the site without cleaning the cookies that this happens.

Yes I do visit other sites when logged in. Who doesn't?

The search for the grail continues. And the other sites you come across can be interesting.
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Thanks BB.

When I had probs a few years back with IE I tried the Netscape one, but found that Mozilla was the better one at that time. Don't know about now though.


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Actually, there are a few browsers around now. So possibly a comparison test in the offing?

By someone who is tech savvy.

Which lets me out.


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I had exactly the same problem twice yesterday evening but everything seems to be back to normal again
I've had this problem for the last couple of weeks too - it seems that if I'm not 'active' on T2W for a couple of hours it kicks me off, and I have to log in again.


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nope Options........other sites seemed to be alright cos i was watching my trades live without any probs


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Yes - but some MSFT sites may not work, so you just use IE to download os updates etc.

No IE doesnt share its IE Favourites to Netscape Bookmarks. But you can cut n paste between them.

Part of the reason MSFT is under the cosh for anti-competitive practises.

Download it. It costs nothing and if you dont think its better - remove it.


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Well, still getting the same problem Sharky. In Clacton this weekend on a different comp. Reading the posts on the boards. click on the next in line and I get the 'only registerd users blah blah.'
I have to log in again and the posts that I haven't read are gone!
You can always click on View Recent Threads under the Discussion tab at the top of the page - this shows the latest ones in chronological order.
I've been kicked off this morning.

My last visit was 09:33 when I marked all threads as read. I minimised the window, and went out. On returning at 11:41 I was informed that I was a guest and needed to register.

I wonder therefore if there is something in the T2W cookie which kicks me off after two hours of inactivity?


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me too

I get this problem and never get beyond being a junior member as it keeps kicking me out. I'll not loose any sleep over it though.
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