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Is anyone else having problems accessing Yahoo's UK Finance website?

I'm using AOL Broadband and Internet Explorer plus McAfee firewall and since yesterday have been unable to access their site. The standard error message "Web Page Unavailable" comes up. I can however access the Yahoo Finance U.S. site and home page, but scrolling down to the foot of the page and clicking on country "UK and Ireland" produces the same error result. Typing in the URL rather than using a "favourite" has no effect either.

Are there any expert techies still in the U.K. this weekend who have yet to overdose on hot cross buns and Easter eggs who can throw some light on the subject?

Happy Easter to all.

I have been unable to access the site yesterday and today. I got into but could not see anything that shed any light on the problem.
It would seem that it is a yahoo problem.


Ive been able to access it, but have had a few problems with trying to access research stuff, saying it has expired.

I have also had problems over the past week or 2 with accessing the DJIA charts on, but it is okay on
Oatman: Yes, that's the site.

Could this be a Windows 2000 Pro/Internet Explorer 6 problem or is it more likely that the fault lies with Yahooo? I'm stumped, and in desperate need of a G&T before I kick the cat out of sheer frustration.

Trying to fix these types of problems is not my idea of how to spend Good Friday!
I just thought I'd mention if you are using yahoo their historic data can't be trusted.
1) They use the closing prices from the trades that took place after market close.
2) I have found prices that are simply wrong on NRK and RBS.

This totally screws back testing.

Although I have never had any problem accessing the uk financial yahoo website, I would second stutch in saying their historical data can be inaccurate.

I don't know why but several times in the past I have noticed their prices are not consistent with other sites.

I do like some aspects of the website but I wouldn't rely on the historical data point for point.

Thanks for your responses and the reminders about the accuracy of Yahoo data although that's not my real concern. I just can't get into the site.

I'm suspecting a Windows/IE6 problem at my end, but I'm struggling. I'm using W2k Pro and IE6 Update Vsn 0. Over the last hour I've tried to download IE Service Pack 1 but the set-up routine won't access the Microsoft source site. As a modicum of success I've now found that I CAN access the Yahoo UK site via AOL's browser, but NOT via IE or Avant browsers.

What would I (and I'm sure thousands of others) like as an Easter gift? Just a few minutes in a locked room with Bill Gates......
Now on my second large G&T to quell the anger!
Oatman: I ran the test but nothing seemed amiss. Have now managed to download and install Service Pack 1 for IE6 and the update Q831167 to SP1, but all to no avail. Have also run McAfee Virus checker and Spybot but still no joy. Am even further stumped.
DNS settings

If you have manually configured DNS settings make sure they have not changed eg your isp has changed their DNS servers. Also if your isp setting uses a proxy server at their end try diabling it in Explorer and see if that helps.
Having exactly the same problem as orion - If anyone has any better ideas please post. I'm a computer scientist and completely stumped with it to be honest!!
Same problem

Hi I'm using win98 se and aol bb and I can no longer access thru internet explorer but can thru aol's brower (which i hate) i did notice that isn't found when i do a ping on this site so either AOL or yahoo have changed something on there dns server or some other setting? any help or solutions would be great, thanks all

I would suggest clearing out your Temporary Internet Files first of all. Reset your security settings to the defaults in Internet Explorer and try again.

Still nada; disable your firewall (this can usually be done with a right click on its icon in the system tray) and try again.

You could also email your ISP and ask if there is any specific block Yahoo has on your ISP or your ISP has on Yahoo or if there's any connection issues between them that they know of.

Hope this helps,

Thanks everyone for your input. I have e-mailed AOL to ask them to check on any possible conflicts with Yahoo Finance UK. To repeat, the "workaround" is to use the AOL browser (ugh!).

Congratulations to Phil Mickelson on winning the Masters after a terrific contest.
I am still unable to access but can access

I am running windows 98 and explorer and have made no changes whatsoever to my computer or software.

I can access all of the other sites I visit without any problems.

Currently investigating ways of contacting yahoo and will come back as and when I get an answer.