help needed?


hi all
I have windows xp in my machine,but because i have a few problems in the way is the system running plus a lot of stuff I don't need, I would like to make a clean start again, for this I thought in formatting (which I think is to go to dos and make : c://format/*.* and would clean the all disk?!) the disk and restart everthing again from installing again the windos and all the programs I need this time in a more planned way, does anyone know if is this the correct option, and the right way to do it?
Does anyone can give an alternative or other option?
I wouldn't recommend you to do what you suggested since by doing that you will format the hard disk without making it bootable. I don't know if you have the Windows XP OEM version or full version. But either way, there is a recovery option. What you can do just put the original disk in the computer and reboot the system. If you have any problem drop me a line I will help you through it.
You can reformat you HD no problem as long as your system can boot from CD ROM and you have an XP CD.

However you can just boot the XP CD and do a reinstall.

is i have xp cd, should I just make a new installation over the top of the old one,or what, because when I open the xp cd it doesn't have any option to repair or make a re-installation...
can anyone be a bit more clear....

You should be able to boot from the Win XP CD as long as its in the drive and you've set your bios settings to boot CD before Hard Drive. I would then have thought it would give you the option to format the drive and then take you through the process of installing WinXP. Remember to save all your data though!!!

hi paul
how to I set up the bios...
resuming...after I set up the bios, i just but my cd on the drive , reboot the computer and the wait for the menu to pop up and ask for format the hd and install xp?
also save all the data i need ,plus the network drivers, and relate dto the other drivers, do I have to save( where do i get the folder?) or does the new os will recognise it?