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Viro Major

Is it the right forum to hire a developper ?

To my surprise, JForex from Dukascopy suits my needs the best after 13 years of platform trials. The controls and many details (like unrejected partial fills on oversized orders versus leverage set or the ability to merge positions: both awesome in terms of practicality for management) just turn my manual trading into an effortless breathe. It makes me save a lot actions and mental energy, so I can focus on decisions and trade at my best.

So, I’ve changed my mind to copy futures trading (Stage 5 Trading via Advantage Futures as FCM) via SC to MT4 (for social trading) and would rather dupplicate JForex as master, to slave SC for futures + MT4 (I already own the tool to bridge JForex to MT4 so no need http://fxcraft.biz/en/product/fxcraft-jforex-copier)

If a programmer is interested to brainstorm about the custom work of transmitting order routing between JForex and SC, please contact me by PM with a portfolio of your previously realised projects that I can judge. From there, we can discuss if the idea is a viable plan and further details. Overall, my needs are pretty standard and basic so initially a position to position replication via market orders at the end could do the trick. Later, I may want limit orders support, more precisely MIT/LIT orders (to save on some costs versus a MKT order) ...and a more complex custom order type of my requirements that would not reveal the intention until the last instant, all while attacking the order book with level refills based on the available liquidity only, without inducing slippage

If several persons are interested, we could team up
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Forget it. I have the tools it takes to chain link Sierra Chart >> MT4 >> JForex