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Hi everyone,

Ive eventually got SC up and running next to my current software, one thing that is now niggling at me it the hight size of the indicator that is displayed.

Ive had a good fiddle around with various things to no avail so,can anyone tell me how to reduce the hight of an indicator study displayed on the chart.
Hi Newtron;
If you mean reduce the height of the indicator so that you have 8/10ths of bar price and only 2/10ths of volume showing on your screen, the short (and long ) answer is that you can't.
It would be a nice feature. Why don't you e mail them and see if it can be included in the next upgrade. I'd like to have pop out charts so I can use in another app.
They are pretty good at trying to include what people want.
Thanks for the quick reply options.

Its a bit of a shame that i think that it would be a usefull feature. I'll e-mail them and see if anything can be done about it

Thanks again
Tools/Adjust Regions or Alt-0. Move the cursor over the divider between the chart and indicator, or between indicators. A black line appears. Drag it to where you want it.

Is what you are looking for?

Right click on chart and then go to "Adjust Regions" - then just drag the white bar that alters the height of the region with the indicator in it.
OK GS - it happens to be white on my chart!! We cross posted on this. Black's cool.
I've been trying to do that too.


Anyone know if you can get a trendline to draw into the whitespace on the right?

oo oo i know this one... use extended trendlines and you can use the left and right arrow keys to extend the chart area to dispay uncahrted area's

Don't think you can draw onto the axis, correct me if am wrong

Oh bloody hell!
Thanks guys. I been after doing that since I got Sierra.
Sorry for the mis information Newtron.

Now... does anybody know how I can see the prices just outside of my right hand screen edge. tee hee.
i think that using the arrow keys to scorll left and right will sort thatout for you.

You should see some empty chart area so youwill be able to view the current prices with more ease
Lol, what I meant was; if it's 10 o'clock real time on the screen.
I wanna be able to see the prices for five past ten on the chart.
Make my trading a lot easier. :D

Further to adjusting the chart space. Right click with mouse brings up the tools panel, (just being lazy).
ah i see lol

What i would recommend then is to upgrade to and Eyeball Mark I if you cant get one of those then the Grade III Cristal Ball from all good retailers shouldbe sufficient
using SC with a Mytrack data feed, noticed this the other day and thought it was a one off but it appears to be quite consistant.

on start up at 8 i appear to get real time data for the first hour then it is delayed twenty mins (only trialing at the moment)... but a quick F12 in SC (disconect) and then F11 (reconnect to data) will give you the most recient data. For me while am comparing to my current supplier i can do so effectively real time with out the benefit of hind sight.

I thought this oversight on mytracks behalf maybe usefull for some people.. real time data (more or less) for the price of dealyed if only for the inconvenience of pressing F12 and then F11 in SC everytime you want to refresh your data
Yes, I've noticed this on the MT delayed service, you get real time data for a while after you connect. Hadn't realised it was as long as an hour though :D
9 am seems to be the cut of then its delayed... but the good thing is that you can disconnect and reconnect (in SC, not sure about other packages) and still get the latest prices little bit fiddley if your using 1min charts but its not too much of an inconvenience especially if youve got your broker prices
2 pm seems to be the cut of for reconnecting to the mytrack server to get the latest data..

..obviously thats when the employee comes in to stand on the pipe ;)
tick charts

on the subject of sierra can some just comfirm for me that you can't get tick data.
I am running sierra, I can not see it myself.
One two

Go to chart---chart settings----- intraday period youll see box for tick charts