Tick Chart on Sierra


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I use Real tick (www.ird.com) with a 50 tick bar for the FTSE Future. I've also got sierra charts set up to record 50 ticks but their bars are nowhere near as frequent as those from Realtick . (probably 50% reduced in number of bars for the same time period). Given that they both should be working with the same information, does anyone know why SC tick bars are not showing a similar chart to that of Realtick?
they are not 'ticks' per se.
They haven't quite managed to crack it yet.
It's explained on their web site.
Data is still collected at 1 min intervals, so the minimum time bar is 1min. What 'tick' charts do in Sierra is specify a minimum nimber of ticks before a bar is printed, so on a high volume instrument they only do anything if you set a high tick value, say 100+, in which case they will begin to look like a real tick chart. Moves are underway to move to a 30 sec underlying period, which will improve matters, but there is no obvious prospect of Sierra ever doing true tick charts that will work for short intervals.