Jeffrey Kennedy - ex-Elliott Wave International


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Does anyone know why Jeffrey Kennedy has left Elliott Wave International after so many years?

Although I didn't trade most of the markets that he covered I used to read his Monthly Commodities Junctures and watch his monthly trading videos as a form of revision, to 'keep my eye in' on EW analysis, and always enjoyed his considered take on things (with Alts!) Different perspectives could always be useful.

I'd be interested to know if he turns up somewhere else or if he decides to set up on his own, if anyone notices. Thanks.
I have been wondering tha same. I did ask customer service about him but all I got is, Robert Kelly is an amazing elliottican. I would love to know where he is now..
Jeffrey Kennedy used to run EWI's Traders' Classroom and the 'softs' side of Commodities (as in grains, meats, etc).

Robert Kelley (Snr U.S. Equity Analyst) now looks to be contributing to the Traders' Classroom while Jim Martens (Chief Commodity Analyst) appears to have taken over, or expanded into, JK's previous area in Commodities.
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Jefferey Kennedy is now Chief Technical Analyst at Water Street Solutions based out of Illinois. Appears he has been there since December of last year.