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The powerful effect of the native spirit that inhabits a Muslim body with the mind contains the Muslim religious environment:

One look in the eye from Fibo to such a so-called Muslim with all his/her perceived defects and problems - just one look addressing directly the driver of that body, blows all the crap out the way. The smile comes forth and the lies are held at bay for that short or long moment in time. Ditto for any other persecuted segment of the Human Race. All native beings, every single one of them, all lost in the junk they carry and dress up in - still don't alter the sheer simplicity of basic-basic. All are welcomed by Fibo. If not welcomed, God would turn his back on me in a friggin heartbeat as each and every one of these so-called ostracized are friends of his.

Same principle applied in Engineering .......... basic-basic is where its at. You gots to drill down and find it.


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What is so objectionable about Islamists ?
Is it because their religion is different from the majority Christian religion ?
Or is it the drip drip affect of terrorism ?
The Moslem leaders never seem to publicly apologise for terrorist acts, of which there have been many.
Even the slaughter of 300+ people recently in Sri Lanka didn't seem to raise a protest. While the one off NZ shooting had the NZ PM apologising , head covered with a scarf in solidarity etc
Perhaps turning the other cheek is a pathetic. response.

Applied to T2W on a much smaller scale, the core 30 engine of T2W never apologizes for their treatment of any newbie who threatens their reign of territory here. They complain and nag and nag the cops to get 'em banned and have always succeeded. Apologize? Never.

I look at myself as an example. I've contributed more in a mere 3 months than all of you combined over 2 decades but only 2 have noticed.

Therefore, the core T2W never apologizes for its terrorist attacks against newbies who contribute and threaten their useless existence as non-producers.

Another striking example is poster ssam. Shunned by the engine here. Apologize? Never! And the best part? Sam is no Muslim. He be an Englishman, same as you cats. Astounding how you treat your own. If we were ever in a war together as partners I'd watch you more closely than I'd watch the enemy. You're far more dangerous.


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Thanks Siggy ........... its always good to revisit definitions, so I just did so and come up with this:

dislike of or prejudice against Islam or Muslims, especially as a political force.

Mattias Gardell defines Islamophobia as "socially reproduced prejudices and aversion to Islam and Muslims, as well as actions and practices that attack, exclude or discriminate against persons on the basis that they are or perceived to be Muslim and be associated with Islam".
There is no official definition of Islamophobia that has been adopted by Western governments, there are opinions of course (you have provided one), but opinions are not implemented by policy and therefore there is actually nothing to answer for, the title of this thread is really a misnomer.

The ECHR has found that Sharia Law is not compatible with Western values, a recent definition of the term Islamophobia has been recently rejected by HMG, so it is clear that there is a problem whereby the authorities cannot agree to the definition of the term. The term Islamophobia was invented by the Muslim Brotherhood many years ago in an attempt to prevent criticism of Islam the ideology/religion and it is pleasing to see that Western governments have not gone down the route of adopting such a definition as this would be an infringment of free speech.

So now we can move onto the defintion of 'hateful extremism' which in the realm of Sharia is under discussion, you can see from the folllowing website how contentious the whole issue is and how difficult it is for the authorities to come to a resolution about it.

You mostly talk about Islamophobia on a personal level, this misses the point, being able to criticise a religion/ideology has always been accepted practice in Western democracies, but you appear to infer that this includes the criticism of Muslims, it does not.


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Public stonings to death for adultery etc. that are regular events in some muslim countries, seem barbaric to Westerners.
Perhaps HMG will set aside places for such activities in case they are accused of racism.
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