Is it really this easy?


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Hi folks,

Over the past few weeks I've been trialling FX via FXCM and trading once sometimes twice per day.

What I have noticed is that trends in GP/US EURO/US tend to start around 09:00 and change at 13:00

Using this it has been pretty easy to make 50 pips per day on the demo platform. Whats more it is so much more slow paced than Futures.

Is it really this easy? Or am I deluding myself.......again.

I`ve heard that forex is the best trending market, so maybe it is that easy.

Where can we get intraday charts from to check any ideas?

GBP/USD tends to trend trade very easily for day trading or overnight positions.

A good starting point is a 100ema on any time frame, I personally use 15 min charts with occasional trading on 1 min charts to satisfy the gambling side of me while day trading.

Simply put am looking for longs above and shorts below ema. Chart patterns for pretty well although am out of sync with cable ATM manly due to not putting the time to Analyse the chart.

I started off looking at a BO of the overnight ranges as lot of the time there is little movement.

Incidentally, noticed that if a move starts at 7:30 am UK time its usually a larger move and most likely to trend for a while.

To answer you question, it can be easy as pattern setups form pretty well support and resistance levels are also a lot easier to identify. But then if it really was easy we would all have a crack at it ;)

I'd say it is definitely a market worth looking at to make your own views on it as a tradable market onyour watch list.
JonnyT, Have you seen Saxo Bank and
I somehow signed up for their reports. you may find them useful.


I set up the demo accounts on FXCM last night and the chart feeds appear to be down, are you finding the same? I guess it could be to do with the outages over there.

.....ah, just seen the announcement on the FXCM site, re the power outages.
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Hi all

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OK if you want a Cowboy outfit for Christmas. :cheesy:
I worked for them years ago, they even screwed staff on the exchange rate.
Currency Futures?

Some folks say that currency futures are a better way for the small guy to trade Forex?

Not sure I understand why.

Anyone one with experience care to comment ?


I don't know.

But I would still like to know if one's money and chances of a successful trade would be higher if one used Futures via Interactive Brokers and the like ratrher than a forex broker like Oanda etc?

neil are you looking to scalp currency's or try and take trend positions
i was interested in scalping but it seems the spreads are 4-5 pips
which make my particular system a little bit to high risk for me.
I have being looking on the web about have a quick look there is a great deal of imformation on currency's.
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Thanks One/Two....

It seems scalping is out with a 5 pip spread.

The Moneytec site helps a little but seems heavily weighted towards forex brokers as opposed to Financial Futures.

I will search it some more in case I missed anything.

Found this link re a journal of someone who has recently taken to forex.

He gives nowt away though :D

OOPS ! Might have answered my own question here:

:eek: :eek:

Regards and thanks for your replies,
The FX market is known for being the best trending market to trade with tech analysis, especially in the majors such as USD and EUR - so keep looking for trends like Johnnys :)
re - futures vs spot
If you spread-bet then it is the currency futures you are trading. So you don't have a choice in the matter but the spot chart can still be used for doing the analysis.

The futures market is tiny compared to the spot market but I doubt any of us are in a position to be worrying about liquidity.

When interest rates change the effect on the futures market can be different than the spot as the futures "prices" in the interest rate.

A decent intra-day chart can be found on under resources.
hi all
could anyone give me the value of a contract per pip on the futures in any of the majors.
what is the general initial margin requirement on these contracts.

appreciate any help.