Iran - Botched Hanging


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sanctions must of hit them hard if they don't have enough bullets for a firing squad

the worst ive seen on a documentary on iran, was hanging a young lady off a forklift after being led down the wrong road by a couple of older men,
(if they did this in the UK we would be out of rope quite quickly)
but the men were n't hung, they maybe got 20 lashes, can't remember exactly

and it was nt an isolated incident, as they have morality police that pick people for all sorts of minor offenses
awful country and deserve everything they eventually have coming to them

its not so bad in the UK afterall


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I dunno about you lot, but if the 2nd attempt at executing me was dependent upon me being 'well enough' I'd stay poorly for a right long time. Hangnail, coldsore, headache - anything and everything.

...Sore throat?? The Iranians need to tread carefully here, the stigma of 'Bad Hangers', can weigh heavily on a country, making them an international laughing stock. Similar to the Mexican drug cartels, who are renowned for being hopeless at beheading a person. Taking up to four minutes to get the head off, the Mexicans could do a lot worse than invite the Iraqi sunnis over for some intense short courses in the art of decapitation.


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The Iranians are so bad they've nearly caught up with the Americans.
The yanks have over 3,000 people on death row awaiting execution!!!
In 2012, 43 inmates were executed in the U.S. and 3,146 were on death row.
They are currently force feeding prisoners who have no right to a trial. And as that is illegal in their own country they set it up in someone else's country.
"The irony of protecting ducks and geese from a practice that is inflicted on human beings at Guantanamo Bay speaks volumes,"
I dont think people appreciate how barbaric some Americans are.

Anyhoo more tea vicar.


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The people who botched the hanging should have their hands chopped off.
That'll learn 'em.


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The whole situation sounds ridiculous! they realised he wasn't dead when he was at the morgue!

and why wait until he's well if they're just going to kill him anyway?
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