Internet Explorer Problems

Hill Farmer

Active member
I am unable to access any site, each time receiving the message "Cannot find Server" and a DNS error message. Seems like I may have overwritten some settings or is there some other problem with my Internet Explorer? Has anyone met this problem before? Many thanks.
Hmm, very strange. Do you connect to the internet directly from this pc or via a network? You might want to try going to Tools->Options->Connections->Setup and complete the wizard (hopefully it will reset your settings).

Did it work mate, or have you had to resort to using that beast called Netscape, I used to think it was great because it wasn't Microsoft (the underdog usually gets my vote), but try building a website with bells and whistles and make it look nice in Netscape - it crashes, doesn't do what you want, and just when you've got it looking great in IE you open it up in netscape, and it looks like the dog's dinner. Sigh...

Well Sharky, almost a non-event. I logged in the following day and it was business as usual. I suspect that the ISP was playing up. We'll never know.

Anyhow, could you post/email the URL to the new BB. I'm now having probs logging into that. If it's not one thing its another! Thanks.