Explorer 98 problem


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Every time I open windows explorer or internet explorer the following message appears

'The module was compiled with a trial version of delphi, the trial period has expired'

there is no detail

When I delete the message the system tells me I have performed an illegal operation and tries to shut down windows but it loads up as usual so I can use my computer.

I have performed a search for files called delphi but there are only two entries which I have deleted. When explorer is launched in safe mode there is no problem. Any ideas where it has come from or how to solve it?

I use IE6 and windows 98
do you recognise the name at all ?

check out all your ini files

hit ctl alt del and see what's running

when you start up in the morning , do a file search on mods between x and y dates. see what's used.

if necessary go to the registry and do a search. It may give you some clues.
as windows does load just possible that its a dos file reference in your autoexec.bat file or even config.sys
Bonsai, I have done what you suggest, I cannot find any files which explicitly mention Delphi in the name. I have ctl alt deleted and shut down each program in turn and the problem remains. I have been through the registry and ini files but it is not clear what I am looking for. It seems something has become embedded in windows 98 or IE6. I assume if I delete and reload windows 98 from scratch it will solve the problem? but only want to do this as a last resort.

In the last month, I have recently loaded Grokster (but have got rid of all the spyware), quote tracker (now deinstalled) and investor ease which is still on on limited trial (there may be a previous version of investorease). I have also reloaded IE6 several times over the last few months but this Delphi thing is a new problem.

Oatman thanks for the link, I will try to contact whoever posted the thread to see if they ever resolved the problem.

Forgot to mention a virus and spyware check implies computer is free of problems.
did you do the file search today to find which files have been
used today?
if that gave no clues I'd check with chartman.
but avoid a clean re-install like the plague.
I speak from personal experience. lol
try ' start, run' then type regedit (enter)
in regedit do a search for delphi
delete all occurrences
then exit

beware, deleting the wrong thing in regedit can kill your pc!!!!
That's weird, it looks like that was only issued y'day, looking at the bottom of the page.
if you do delete anything in the registry, you should make a copy before you start.
there is a special routine set out to make sure you do it right.

then you can reinstate if you get problems later.

run regedit and click on help.
I think we've established it's trial software using Delphi which has expired leaving him in limbo, ie without the programme but with Delphi :cheesy:
But which software? :confused:
just thought :idea: try this
Well done ersatz99. Following the procedure on the link solved the problem. Now I will find what caused it when an application doesn't work.