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Internt explorer

I seem to be having problems with Internt Explorer since yesterday- I am using IE 6 ( i think !?)- and basically sometimes when i want to open a link from a page, the whole page freezes.

I then press ctrl+alt+del and manually close the page.

i downloaded the IE6 service pack earlier, but does not seemed to have solved it............ maybe if o try to delete the current IE and download from somewhere ?!?

Check for spyware as well. Although if you have NT,2000 or XP there are a number of viruses that can cause this to happen, as I have found out.
Oats, just tried the scanner- niothing found........( just as well !!)- I run anti virus, firewall and the Adaware/adwatch, so pretty well equipped here ??!

anyway, have not had the problem today

hope the above has been addresses - just wanted to mention a niggling problem i keep encountering and wondered if anyoine had any clues.... I've already triede browsertune, but that didn't help....

Basically, sometimes only, if i start typing in a URL in the address bar of my IE6 window, then i get an error message. If I click on OK, it closes that window as well as any other IE windows I have open - I tend to have several open simultaneously. This only happens sometimes when i type in addresses, but not if i use a favourites link... Any ideas anyone?
The explorer seems ok now !! not too sure what is going on.........

Anyway thanks Guys