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After 5 00 pm UK today - Thursday 19th Feb - Part 2

From after 5 00 pm tonight there was actually 6 good set ups - with another one being my favourite Intraday pair - the EJ

Within 1 hr this pair was worth approx 50 pips - approx 30 on the sell and then 20 + on the scalp buy after 5 39 pm - end of half hr time window


If we then add on the other 4 pairs after 5 00 pm - we have following ( based on 30% stakes with stops left in just a few pips of initial profit )

EU - 30 + pips and still open

GU - 42 pips and still open

AU - 24 + pips and still open

UCad - opposite move from 5 00 pm - 35 pips max - still open in 16 pips of profit

Add them all up - and even after London close - this evening had in total 180 pips available off 6 trades based over 4 hrs - with the hardest thing being moving the stop into more profit.

If Major Magnum had been around ( on Holiday ) then I reckon he would have made over 200 pips after LC with say about 9 trades.

I have not made an extra 90 pips so far - as late to the party on 2 pairs and then out far too early - due to other diversions - ( footy and East Enders )

Still it just shows the importance of catching a few trades at Key Times - and when they are all in unison - you know you will get a nice move with extra pips etc

Good Trading



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Live FX calls in advance on the other Intraday Tread.

Yesterday - Friday 20th February was a very good trading day for me.

It was the first time this week that I did not have a school / college run - or any appointments with the dentist or dropping the car off for a service etc etc - and so was able to be here at my desk for the London Open hour.

I started yesterday at my desk at 6 15 am UK time.

Normally I start between 6 30 and 6 45 am every day - and finish my trading day sometime between 4 00 and 5 30 pm. Rarely do I start before 6 00 am or finish after 6 00 pm -only if there is important US news after LC or if I know I an going to miss an hour or 90 mins before 9 00 am

I had another new member ask more about my live calls and so I thought I would cover it in more detail on this journal - Its called the "Devil in the Detail" thread for a reason - and details are important - even though many discard them and love to paint a different picture of what I do

So - into the detail - starting with yesterday and then from November 2nd 2013.

In the other daily thread - Intraday Live short term trading calls from an Expert Retail Forex Trader - I covered and traded 6 pairs yesterday.

My calls on trades were as follows

EU - 9 calls / EJ - 11 calls / GU - 6 calls / UCad - 4 calls / UJ - 4 calls / AU 2 calls

So in total 36 trade calls over approx 10 hrs. I only took in total 23 trades ( more than normal ) and I reckon yesterday I called 7 trades LIVE IN ADVANCE before the move began

At least another 20 calls had more movements in my direction after my call which might have been 3 to 8 mins after my live trade price I took.

The other calls were non specific - ie add more scalp sells if this price is reached - or exited 70% stake and left 30% on with stop in profit at a price.

I am going to post examples of LIVE CALLS IN ADVANCE from yesterday a bit later - but must explain - being a short term Intraday trader / also scalper - My entries prices are key - I cannot call them say 30 mins or a couple of hrs before my entry - as then that would be guessing - and I am not a fortune teller - and my entry price for any trade is crucial - I need accuracy within a couple of pips - especially with all my stops with spreads being under 5 -7 pips maximum - and some from 3 pip stops - as examples from yesterday to follow.

These are the FACTS - not a myth or fiction or a dream

I am not an alert service or selling anything - but the members who follow using my set up on a I min LR chart along with TW's know my 2 time windows - and also the 6 times of the hour I take trades.

These 6 times every hour - might give me just on one pair 1 or 2 trades every hour - sometimes even 3 trades an hour - other times ins slow BTTZ areas - not even one trade per hour.

So they see what I am doing.

Any follower on a 5 or 15 min or even 60 min chart will not see what I am doing - they will not understand why I enter at a specific time with a tight stop loss - their charts would not be giving them the information I work with etc etc.

OK - some example of LIVE CALLS from yesterday will be shown on this thread later on

Meanwhile - another FACT

I have worked out I have doing my daily thread for over 250 trading days on this Forum. In that time I have made approx 5000 + FX trading calls - with at least 600 calls - LIVE IN ADVANCE OF THE MOVEMENTS.

Now if any member would like to dispute this - as well as any other points - they are welcome to do that on the respective threads.

BUT remember - I have the facts to support me


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Friday 20th February - Examples of Live Calls - in ADVANCE of moves


6 43 AM

Easy one from start of 6 30 am TW and really 6 20 /21 am and 1365 - ie scalp sell

I expected it to stop by 58 -60 - but surprised - it went lower than yesterday to 1355.

I am down to 30% and now moved stop to 61/62 - and waiting to see if we do try under 50

If we dont then I will exit 30% stake before 61


6 48 am

I am out my 30% stake at 58 - we have not tried under 54 or 50 for now but notice - under 64 /66 - we should be able to sell again - as price structure for this hour is still bearish

We need to keep an eye on 30 min rule as well - as if that works - different scenario

1360 at 7 00 am was a scalp sell - but I would be out before 62 if we dont see under 55

Taken 70% off at 52 and 30% left on whilst under 57

Out EU at 1343 and EJ at 134 82

PA suggests scalp buys now - but need to see over 7 pip bounces and then would try and scalp buy on pullbacks if still above lows

Example above on the EU

Time stamps start at 6 43 am - with the 7 00 am scalp sell on EU at 7 01 am and my exit of trade with price then 17 pips lower at 7 19 am

My comments were therefore in advance of the start of the scalp sell and 19 mins later the move for me at that time had finished - ie 17 pips in profit.

For me - this is a LIVE CALL TRADE - IN ADVANCE

This is one example of 7 from Friday out of the 36 trade calls I commented on with then approx 20 calls moving further my direction after my call comment - even if my entry was taken 1 to 9 minutes before the call comment hits the thread.

I plan to keep showing examples of my live calls on FX pairs in advance to emphasise the fact that "cheap words" by many members who are not really following what I am doing can ruin credibility of any trader.

Thankfully genuine traders/ members who are following correctly and have been for many weeks or months or longer - such as Major Magnum and NVP and other less high profile or newer members have by now realised - I am the "real deal" and I am rare retail FX trader than can "walk the walk" as well as "talk the talk".

Hopefully by the time I have finished my threads here - there will be a few more ;-)

Good Trading



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Live FX calls in advance on the other Intraday Tread - Friday 20th Feb 2015


6 55 am

AU is set up slightly different to European pairs - above 7800 its PS favours bull moves for this early session

We need to see above 7815 and 22 to hold on scalp buys etc and sell really can only be held on longer under 7790 and 80


7 25 am

Slowly been rising up to 7815

Pullbacks staying above 7809/10 are scalp buys for now - but need over 22 to stay with them or take more


7 47 am

Now made 7821

Will exit 70% stake and leave 30% on with stop in profit at 13


8 07 am

Price now at 7831 and I will exit if we dont make over 35 in next 5 mins
or if we fall under 28

Time stamps show my call on the AU scalp buy was approx over 1 hr before my exit at a higher price


More to follow

Good Trading



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More Live FX calls in advance on the other Intraday Tread - Friday 20th Feb 2015


6 46 am

Exactly same set up at EU - but did not jump in it at 6 21am and 135 10 area

It made 135 01 and now bouncing

By rights under 13 we should be able to scalp sell again

Same on EJ with drop - both breached low within 30 mins

7 14 am

EU down at 1340

EJ down at 134 80

Moved 30% stops in profit to 134 93 and 1349

Will take hits OK and then reviews to see if we look for scalp buys if no new lows

Out EU at 1343 and EJ at 134 82

PA suggests scalp buys now - but need to see over 7 pip bounces and then would try and scalp buy on pullbacks if still above lows

7 42 am

Those scalp buy bounces so far

EU up 19 pips

EJ up 22 pips


This example of 2 scalps on the EJ

one scalp sell for approx 24 pips - and one scalp buy for 22 pips approx

All within approx 55 mins - check thread numbers and time stamps


Good Trading



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More Live FX calls in advance on the other Intraday Tread - Friday 20th Feb 2015

1 36 pm

Need to watch 30 min rule now on new interim highs and lows now

With EU down to 1280 area and EJ down to 133 65 areas - lets see if they can hold

they can be scalp bought with 3 pip stops above lows
- but dont sell again until lows attre breached by at least 5 or 6 more pips

OK - was I lucky on both EU and EJ as they shot up quicker than I thought

70% off both after 20 pip rises

My that was good - liked that


1 51 pm

now 1315 to 1330 is all R area

Unless we can breach above both in next 30 mins I would be looking at scalp selling etc

Above 1295 we are still scalp bullish for now


134 15 / 18 is similar main R to overcome for staying with scalp buys

133 88 is cut off on my buys for now


2 00 pm and 1315 and I exited 30% stake and scalp sold for now


Same as EU at 134 12

Will take scalp sells off quickly on 70% stakes

I am either extremely lucky - or on a roll ;-)

This as been a good day so far - don't plan to push my luck too far - so now lower stake size and playing safe for US session

2 great calls - in advance of the moves on the EU and EJ

Over 75 pips on those 2 scalp trades on the EU and EJ - all before the US session - on top of the other 60+ pips made early AM

Yet again - more examples of LIVE CALLS IN ADVANCE on Friday 20th February 2015

Good Trading



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More Live FX calls in advance on the other Intraday Tread - Friday 20th Feb 2015


3 00 pm

After rising approx 45 pips after opens - it then peaked and dropped as a sell after 1 00 pm and 2 21 pm

Now at 3 00 pm at 7811

7800 to 7810 is all support area - look for bounces and scalp buys in next 8 mins - or if not after 3 21 pm

nice buy I guess hah

30 min rules to look at - and now 70% stake profits banked on UCad and AU

The AU was a scalp buy from a low at 7811 - the scalp part was worth 18 -20 pips net

the 30% left on was worth 35 pips - but any exit over 25 pips was fine - and its still above entry at the close of business on Friday evening - but i do not normally leave trades on over the weekend - only if they are already up over say 150 pips in profit with a stop in profit anyway

As I scalp bought the AU - and had also scalp sold the UCad - as in normal times oppositely correlated - that was another successful trade.


I need not go on - but I will over the next week - with more examples of Live Call in advance - just to rub it in for the doubters - who still think you just cannot trade with live money how I trade.

Its a shame but they are wrong - but its only possible with years of experience and study and commitment and hard work - the type of stuff most dissers or losers are just not interested in.

I will never be 100% correct . I will have most days 1 or 4 bad trades with losses of just 2 pips to 5 pips - but i will have 10 or 12 or 15 or more good trades with wins far greater than my losers.

That is the recipe for success - multi intraday trades with ultra tight stops - it need not be 25 -50 trades a day - 5 good winning trades in a row - and I could it I want stop for the day - but normally I dont - as normally we don't every day have 5 or 10 or 15 winning consecutive good trades - in fact even I have some morning when i have 2 or 3 bad trades in a row - Its all part of trading




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EU - 22nd January to the 20th February 2015 - a month in its life.

I have been trading the EU for approx 13 years of which at least 10 of those years have been on an Intraday basis.

Its not my favourite FX Intraday pair. It can be OK - but because it the most heavily traded pair in the FX market - its involved in lots of manipulation and gameplay or false sentiment - simply because huge amount of money is bet on its movements and the larger players want to take advantage of that and have the gains from all the retail traders and of course the smaller commercial funds who lack the super computers and inside news information and are not in the real inner circle of movers and shakers etc.

I have chosen this period of time to demonstrate how retail traders can be mislead by trends / fortune tellers and of course Banks.

Remember - if they want your money off you via you taking wrong trades - they need to feed you misinformation - either by charts or via false price and even false inaccurate COT information and pre news wrong set ups etc

On January 22nd the EU had been at its high at 1650

On January 25th - Sunday evening - the EU at its low was at 1097 - an approx 550 pip difference in just over 2 tradings

Since that date we have not moved out the approx 550 pip range - we have stayed in it for approx 20 trading days

In fact its stayed in a 300 pip range of 1225 to 1525 approx for 18 trading days and so many longer term swing traders have been stuck - and not know really what to do - ie do they take profits from sells above 1600 - or do they stay with sells and await for moves under 1200 and 1100 and even lower ??

What ever they do - it trading inefficiently - ie far better ways are available - it fine if you are an investor with say $50k or $100k on long term trades that you review quarterly or twice yearly - but its no good if you are a small retail trader wanting to grow your account from say $2k to $20k or $50k.

If the EU as stayed in a 300 pip range for say 18 trading days and you use stops of say 100 pips and want targets of say 200+ pips - you are not going to have had too many trades in that last 18 days - say 1 or 2 maximum

If you have stops of say 30 -50 pips and after trades of say 75 to 125 pips - OK you might have got 3 or even 4 or 5 trades - especially if you trade as both a bull and a bear

If you intraday trade the EU - and know what you are doing - and can trade both ways - then I would have expected you to have taken a minimum 50 trades in the last 18 trading days and even at only a 60% win ratio i would think you should have made at least 400 pips or 500 pips net from it.

During those 18 trading days - the EU as actually moved approx 2500 pips

Yes 2500 pips in a 300 pip range.

In a 24 hr day - the majority of the pip movements - ie over 65% happen during the 2 main sessions - so lets say 1600 -1700 pips are in your sessions - and if you are good and experienced you should be taking 35 to 50% of those pips - ie 600 to 850 pips - whether on 5 trades or 50 trades or even 100 trades in 18 working days.

I just hope you have and if you have - Well Done

If you have not - take time out and review your style and method / commitment etc etc and up your game - because it is possible and you should be saying yes I want those pips

Even though the EU is only 1 of 8 pairs I have traded in the last month - and its not my favourite - I have easily made my tally on the pair. In fact its only third on my list - with the UCad and EJ making me more pips.

I thinks it important you review the pairs you trade as well as your own performance

Remember - you are trading to make money - it's not going to land in your lap with you doing nothing ;)

Good Trading

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GU - Tuesday 24th February - One hour of TW's - 3 scalps - 50 pips

I have finally finished for today - and again - a great Intraday trading day .

I do realise many members here must get totally fed up with me continually have good profitable trading days - because they have read or heard that in real life using real money this cannot happen.

My answer


Its all down to experience - discipline - focus - strong mindset - and not listening to all the BS put out by the industry.

I think most of you know - my daily FX pip target is 50 pips.

For years it was 20 pips then 25 - then 30 and its only been last 2 years I have ramped it up to 50 pips - simply - because its all possible - when you do know what you are doing. I dont stop at 50 pips - but in my mind - I place pressure on making at least that amount of pips - whether it takes 2 hrs or 12 hrs +

Today - my favourite pair - the EJ - I have hardly traded it - its been the UCad / EU / GU and even the UJ in preference.

I am showing you 4 key times in one hour on the GU in the US session - ie 2 time windows and how LRs and PA help me make some great stops - all with small stops - ie maximum 5 pips in GU case


Scalp number 1 - 4 09 pm and GU at 5472. Not in exactly at top but in within 3 pips. This drops 19 pips for me in my first time allowance

Scalp number 2 - 4 51 pm 5446 down to 5430 low with 5 00 pm exit - 15 pips net

Scalp number 3 - 5 01 scalp buy - 5433 to 5454 - at 5 09 pm - 20 pips net

So 4 KT's and 3 scalps - 54 pips - lets call in 50 pips in the hour

RR's in total - 10 - yes 10

So on 1 % stake - 10% gain on your account in the hour

on 2% stake - 20% gain in the hour - with low risk

For me it was not even 1% as I did leave 30% on for part moves

Now this is 1 hour in my trading day

Yes a very good hour - but it just shows even with only using 1% of your capital - that its possible to make 10% gain on your account in the hour

OK - I am very experienced - years at it - but the Industry would no way want you to know this is possible

BUT IT IS !!!!


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Friday 27th February 2015 - AM Session and the GU pair

Its been a busy morning in the FX market - for me from 6 30 am to approx 9 30 am

Its not been that easy - as the market makers have been playing games and to coin a phrase - "pumping and dumping " money in too pairs - just to add confusion and of course trying the decouple correlations and set false sentiment into chart directions.

Any trader just trading off say 4 hr or daily /weekly charts will maybe not have a clue what I am on about - as they might not be keen on any "noise" ie for me 2- 5 pips - for them 50 -100 pips -.

Intraday action is just a pain and cannot be traded according to most longer swing or position traders and they will be comfortable with 50 + pip stops and targets of say 150 to 400 + pips or more.

That's fine - but as we all know inefficient and not really going to help you get your RR winning trades of 3 + under 30 mins - more like 30 hrs or 3 or 4 days.

The idea of the game is to make money - ideally the more the better and less risk and inefficiency the better.

To do that you need to speculate - and you need to risk being wrong - ideally though you want to know if you are wrong within 2-5 minutes- not 2 or 5 hours - thats wasting your time and day.

To do that you have to learn how to scalp and work in the noise at what I call the "coalface" - the tick to 3 minute charts.

Its difficult - its takes 1000's of hours to improve your skills - you will never be 100% correct - in fact anything over 65% is good - and even with the correct tight stop technique you can have only a 30% win ratio on say 3 trades but still come out with nice pips if the winning trade makes a RR of 4 or 6 or even 10 - as very possible many days.

You can scalp many different ways .

I tried various - but have perfected my own method over thousands of live trades and hopefully any body reading this knows the main clues I use

One indicator no other FX traders mention enough - is actually time of the hour

For me its one of 4 main clues - along with maybe a possible 8 clues i need for a high probability scalp trade.

I am going to post the GU chart from this morning to show you what i mean

I did not catch every pip on 2 easy scalps - in fact I took about 5 trades on it and 2 were just for for minor pips - until I caught the big one ;-)

I do plan to open this thread up to genuine followers next month - but because of all the hassle I have had off dissers etc - I just cannot it be a free for all - I end up arguing and then might cross the rules line again and end up getting banned all together.

That would spoil my daily boredom in between my intraday trades - and I dont want to end up visiting more FX forums and having the same problem lol

OK - more to follow next
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GU - Friday am Session from LO

I am going to post some charts on the GU this morning - as its been nice with regards to Key Times and Time Windows

All together I have had 8 trades on it so far - and its not Midday

EU as not been that nice - nor the EJ - and UCad and UJ only average

But the GU had far nicer PA and suited my method -

Time shown with arrow directions etc starting from LO and 8 00 am


8 00 am was sell time - and after 9 00 am was buy time above



We add the sell again at another key time

And finally -


After 10 00 am the turn again shown with up arrow but for me it was alter on after 10 21 amd 10 30 am more scalp buys

Now live at 11 36 am we have broken above up past last interim high to 5418



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  • GU - 270215 - LO - 4 scalps.png
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GU - Friday US session Update

This is an update on the GU again

This chart shows 8 key times from LO at 8 00 am for today's trades.

I have over-traded it today - but its been nice PA and the moves have been ideal

Its only onE pair I have been on today - but by far given me the most pips and been the easiest to follow using my method



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Sunday - March Ist 2015.

Its been my first month with this particular trading journal and performance wise - I am very pleased with my results.

I have traded every day - although a couple of half days in there due to other commitments and most importantly - No losing day.

Normally by now - I would have had a week or more holiday - my skiing days are over - so it been either Dubai or Florida to get away from the UK winter. But this years different and so looking at a early spring trip maybe in April due to fact too much happening with parents in law and also with the kids - with one now at Uni.

I started off really well for the first 2 weeks of February - mainly due to making lots of nice pips off the Ucad - but last 2 weeks have no real swing trade over 150+ pips. My daily target is 50 pips and monthly target - anything around 1000 pips. After the first 10 days I was well ahead of my monthly target - but failed to double it with 2000+ pips. I think its one of the best trading February I have had - not money wise but certainly pip wise.

March as 22 trading days in it and I hope to trade at least 16 as full session along with some half days planned. I am am not holding any 30% stake trades on for the new month and so start at zero. Everyday last month I easily made over my 50 pip target - but last year I had several months with slow days and more than normal losing trades leaving me with only totals of 25 to 40 pips in total in my trading day period. If this happens on any day in March - I will let you know and go more into detail on why it has happened - ie very slow session ? - over 5 losing trades ? not having 6 to 10 hrs available to trade ? etc etc.

In terms of number of intraday actual trades in February - easily over 300 trades in total with over 160 left on with 30% stakes with stops in profit. Win ratios - mid 70% - I always tend to stay in the 62% to 87% area - but as you can imagine thats a big difference on say 300 trades - ie 62% wins - would give me 114 losing scalps - whereas say 85% win ratio - only gives me 45 losses - big difference - but in actual pips might only be 190 - 220 pips.

I rarely take less than 220 trades in a full month of trading - and for me over say 350 -400 trades - is too much - as well as being too tiring.

Now we are in March I will look at opening this thread up - maybe next weekend to all Forum friends and genuine interested followers - and that can be any member - but not members who just want to go off subject - ie saying I am Major Magnum - or that I cannot trade and I am a secret vendor or what ever.

All false - but I do have an agenda - and that is making sure all FX traders see another side to the rubbish put out by industry and its associates - to basically misguide newbie to think they can be experts in just a year or two and then even if they make it too full time - they should only look at returns of 30 -50 % per annum - ie like the experts at Hedge Funds and Banks etc etc ( what a joke ;-) )

I wish you all a good month of trading in March

All the best


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Monday March 2nd 2015

Lunch time

Its been a really nice comfortable Monday AM session so far

Its fairly slow - but so far my main pips come from EJ / UCad and EU

Nice PA - a few slow 20 -30 min periods - but many pairs totally "followable"

Only posted one chart so far in my daily intraday thread - but will post a few in here later.

Some of the TW's have worked to a tee this morning - mainly from 8 00 am and LO

Noticed got some red US news at 3 00 pm - but over this next hour - no high priority announcements

Good start to the new month - not set the world on fire - but at least got my daily target within 4 hrs

Good Trading

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Thursday 5th March - end of my trading day

I normally finish trading anytime from 4 30 pm to 5 30 pm most days.

I might have some 30% stake trades left on which I thin check during the evening - but only like to leave them on overnight if they are already over 70 or 100 + pips in profit above the new stop.

Most days I close 30% trades with anything from just 1 or 2 pips profit when they don't really work - or anything from 25 pips to 100+ pips when we have had nice trends or good rallies.

Perfect examples today have been on the EA and EJ and of course the EU that basically dropped 120 pips after the news and during the early US session to a new year low of 1 0988/9.

I am going to post 2 charts of the EU with some TW's and Key Times - from 11 00 am to 5 00 pm



I have marked 6 key times over the 7 hrs - there are a few more - but on just those 7 trades the EU moved through over 220 pips.

I was not in everyone - as my preference is normally the EJ and also the EA - both far better movers and well worth the extra 0 6 - 1 pip extra spread

Will post a EA chart later on

Freaky Friday tomorrow - ie NFP news day - so should be another busy one


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