First good thread in ages


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Been some rubbish threads lately after the die down or so it would seem from my skim throughs.

Lets see how long we can keep this good thread going. I'll get us started.

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After a quick glance through all your threads s-n-d, I'd say this is your best thread ever - by quite some margin!


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The t*t and a*se days are long gone. Things are now more serious. Get with the times, man.

Mr. Charts

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She says, "Please keep your mouth shut when you're chewing" how does that work?
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She has the worlds meanest pussy - difficult to see from here.
One that has hospitalised people - likes it rough
And she still shaves him - ??

(sorry - been away from posting for a while - above would normally be more subtle than overt.
but hey - LULZ)


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After a quick glance through all your threads s-n-d, I'd say this is your best thread ever - by quite some margin!

Based on the above that must put your threads in the red as a 99.999 percentile outlier.


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can someone inform me of the history of t2w ?

Stage 1 - Built up readership
Stage 2 - Professional trading talk and much banter
Stage 3 - Non professional trading talk - mostly nonsense and much banter
Stage 4 - TD tin-foil hat lulz and much banter - gay and kiddie porn is posted on board regularly and members who did it are banned only temporarily
Stage 5 - Mini Madoff scandal involving T2W members and staff - much lulz and much banter - porn posters as per above are att the cetre of scandal
Stage 6 - Spreadbetting firms take keep interest and implant covert members
Stage 7 - Lulz and much banter resulting from above and increases as a certain prolific T2W poster and Tory treasurer gets rumbled on a cash for access scandal
Stage 8 - Lulz and banter and deemed to be against some form of forum rule that nobody is sure of
Stage 9 - Project "Shining Beacon" is launched to restore T2W to... well to something nobody is quite sure of
Stage 10 - Steve joins
Stage 11 - You ask this question

T2W in a nutshell

the hare

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Stage 9 - Project "Shining Beacon" is launched to restore T2W to... well to something nobody is quite sure of.....

An accurate timeline and summary

However, regarding section 9' Tim assumes me that project shining beacon is explained perfectly clearly under the about us section of this website .....

One can only assume that neither t2w's founder, CEO, moderators or staff didn't get round to reading it as they continually contradict each other practically every time one of them comments.... Or maybe, like me, they couldn't actually find anything of substance that remotely explains what they are trying to achieve.

There's been a lot of lulz throughout t2w's history, and I'm sure there'll be a great deal more before the fat lady sings, but I am predicting a hundred years from now, stage 9 will rate amongst the finest examples of lulz available to mankind. I'd happily subscribe on a pay to view basis. Of course, the traderpedia article on the pool lulz is a definite highlight for conosiurs of teh lulz and is highly recommended for those with an interest in how we ended up in this dreadful state of affairs.

Mr. Charts

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PhD course in "Trade2Win and Its Role and Interaction with the Interface of Trading and Lulzology" is now available at the University of Lulz in Lower Ruritania.
Guest lecturers include pboyles, the hare, new trader and other infamous luminaries.
The Dean is Mr Albert Labos, he of the Socratic persuasion (NB Unruly students will be tied to their chairs).
Student fees to be paid by the Dept of Social Services aka Care in the Community.


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So below you will see a good example of how to read the open, following a major news event and determine the bias within the first 3 mins. This basic mechanism can be used to good effect on Open-Drive type openings where profit opportunity is large compared to the risk for the trade.

So as we can see, price opens right on a level where there had been obvious institutional participation. Payrolls have pushed price up close to the recent highs on ES, into a new value area. The opening swing is weak - this tells me the market on open orders were not heavily biased to buy and this can be interpreted as a sign of weakness, hence........

OMG, what am I doing, for a minute I thought this site was about trading.......

Back to normal now



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