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This is the first compilation of the "Skim - what do you think of this?" thread, as started by Stoploss late last week. I'm afraid I forgot to convert some of the charts to a different format before inserting them into the .doc , so because the file is large-ish I've had to split it into two documents, one about 700kb and the other around 600kb, because the T2W database won't take attachments bigger than about 1MB I believe, so...

....if, as Newton Bomb says on his dow summary thread, people can post their charts in .jpg or .gif format, that makes it much much much easier to insert them into a word doc (that means you, Stoploss! :cheesy:) and I can post in one attachment next week. You can, of course, always cut and paste the two documents into one, once you have downloaded them from the site.

I've edited some of the posts for simplicity's sake, and not entered some posts because they arent 100% relevant to the title of the thread. If you don't like it, then let me know.

Any recommendations / comments for next weeks compilation welcome, please post your comments on this thread and I'll make a note of them. Otherwise, I'll assume everyone is happy with the format and layout.

So, here is part one -


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And part two...


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To add a bit of structure to this discussion, I thought I do the following.

Pre market :

Post S&R based on the previous two days price action and S&R obtained from a pivot point calculator. I am now monitoring both mainly to see if the pivot point calculator has any merits.

Possible pattern scenarios obtained from the 60 and 10 minute charts.

Post market :

A summary of the days action.

Tell me what you think.

Kind regards
Thanks to everyone for this informative thread and to the compiler across the Pond
S&R & pivot calculations for 20/10/03


S&R are obtained from the previous two days price action. This is where I think they should be. It would be good to hear if anyone has different calculations. These levels have been taken from a 15 minute time frame.



Pivot points, all obtained from a pivot point calculator.

R3 1065.50
R2 1058.75
R1 1048.25
Pivot 1041.50
S1 1031
S2 1024.25
S3 1013.75

Fib levels from low of 30/09 to high of 15/10

25% 1037.34
38.2% 1028.62
50% 1028.84
61.8% 1013.05

Other areas of interest,

Higher gap level at 1024.25. This equates to S2 obtained from the calculator.

Lower gap level at 1021

Kind regards and happy trading
Stoploss - sorry, I sort of had the idea that this thread would be purely for posting the SUMMARY of the weeks' events, and that you would run a seperate thread each week like CM does for his dow thread?

It'll just keep the boards a bit clearer I think, rather than creating a seperate thread each week for the summary, and if people add subscriptions to this thread, they will know when it receives a new weekly entry. Just a thought.

Cool :cheesy: .

I'll add a further summary to this thread at the end of this week then.
This weeks' summary of ES trading attached.

Sorry it is such a big file again - all the images are .jpgs or .gifs so I dont know why the file size is so great. If anyone has any suggestions as to how I can reduce it so its better for those of you arent running broadband, then please let me know.

Some good comments this week by lots of parties. I've renamed it simpy "Trading ES Week 2" as the "no-indicators" theme seems to have passed us by!!! :cheesy: :cheesy: :cheesy:

Anyway, its all good stuff.

Can we start an entirely new thread for next week as it will make my life somewhat easier compiling a seperate weekly thread, rather than trying to dig through one bigger thread to find where each week starts/ends.




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Not much of a summary this week folks, with SL being away and not so many comments from others. Still, that should please those of you on dial up - its under 300kb :cheesy:


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Week four of ES trading attached.

Once again, can I ask those people who post charts to make sure they are in either .gif or .jpg format wherever possible.

Also, if you are posting a chart please make sure that you post ONLY the chart! Big white gaps around your charts (presumably from editing in MS Paint or something similar ) make my job much harder!! :cry:

Sorry its a bit late but I'm 5 hours behind you guys so it's only 1.20pm here at the moment... plus, its about minus 10 today so I'm contemplating hibernation...


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Week 5 attached

Short thread this week, not too many contributions but all valuable, as always.

A measly 237kb this week :cheesy:


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Bad news for the dialuppers again this week I'm afraid...

Stoploss appears to have gone slightly bonkers this week with chart overload, so I've had to split it again into two parts, 700kb and 500kb.

Can people who are posting to the thread PLEASE either spell check beforehand or dont abbreviate stuff quite so much ( that'll be you, China ;) ) because it drives both WordXP and me quite mad.

Other than that, an informative week again.


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Thanks again matey. I have added to ES November over the weekend. Sorry mate. I will be away on Monday so you will have a nice quiet day. I am sure however that China White will take up the baton.

The ES thread has been steadily growing in size each week, and its taking up so much of my time to compile - 2 to 3 hours some times - that I just havent got time at the moment to do it. I also note that the number of downloads has fallen sharply from 225 in the first week to under 20 last week, and I'm wondering if its worth my time continuing to compile it, with this in mind. Additionally, the comments on the thread from some other posters on the board ( particularly CW, sorry mate ) make the editing a task in itself - correcting spelling mistakes etc etc.

Can people please post thier opinions so I know what the feeling is and then I will decide whether or not to continue the compilation.

Thanks everyone for their kind words so far btw.


First of all mate, you have ben doing a great job.

I actually feel that we have covered the crux of the subject by looking at raw price data and now internals. That is probably why the number of downloads has fallen. I suppose what we could do is only add things which have a totally new slant to to the Prem, Tick ES trading set up.

Also, if you want, show me and I will carry this on.