Trading without indicators (ES) Summary

As it takes so long. I would say dump it. You can revive it with the odd post when you feel like it. Then everyone's happy :cheesy:
RR, That's a shame. I was really looking forward to this week's summary. Have printed off each one so far and have learned loads from it. I wouldn't be averse to printing off direct from the thread, tried it earlier this week but the RH side of each post was missed off. The printable version at the bottom of each page misses off the charts which is what I find most usefull.
Any suggestions ?
Finally, if people would like it to continue I'd be happy to help with compiling the summary. ( If you could teach me how to do it )
Maybe we could do half each or alternate weeks?
Hampy, if you right click on any chart and go to print picture option that will allow you to print just the chart. Playing around with properties will eventually get what you want in terms of layout and coverage!
If anyone would like to take over the compilation but is not sure how, then either PM me or email me at [email protected]

Dont expect much response for the next 24 hours, however, as I shall shortly be getting on a big metal tube with wing-like things stuck on each side of it.