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Must say like the look of the new FinSpreads web site.. also DAILY DOW CASH spread has been reduced to 6..may the SB's carry on competing against each other.
Yes I agree. It look smarter, appears to run faster and I like the split view and streaming news. There is another company who offer good spreads on DAX/FTSE at a 3 point spread. The SPX daily is 0.6 instead of 0.7 on Fins. Not a vast improvement but its another choice.
Has anyone else had problems with the new finspreads site switching to 'phone trading only' intermittently? (It usually happens when the spread is in a profitable range for me :-/ )
Yes having second thoughts on the new site. Looks better but many times it switches to Phone Trading Only ,curiously today both times when Dow is usually volatile:- 2:40PM and 7:00PM. Also several times price stopped updating and had to logout and loginagain. Maybe teething problems but hope it is not going to keep switching to phone trade when its in their interests otherwise will be well pissed off.
I was very excited to see the new finspreads site, but disappointed to find its just a new front - same trading platform behind. Now I do like their trading platform, but its just so unreliable - 'server unavailable' is going to become part of everyday language at this rate, like 'mind the gap'.

Guess what - first time I saw the new front page, the server was unavailable. Also when we had the recent interest rate announcememnt, I thought I'd log on and just see how the market was reacting - server unavailable.
am I missing something ?
it looks the same to me
-especially the 'server unavailable' -
Just looked at the site again to find that the whole site has been changed now - even the trading platform, not just the front page. The split screen is pretty impressive but is beauty only skin deep I wonder.
Harlosh - you're right - the back-end of the site has been changed and it looks very nice indeed. However, there's still the same old message - 'server unavailable'. Can't see my account, can't trade, can't get prices.
still not sure what the fuss is about.
they have simply switched to java based application.
split screen as you call it was always available
just needed to right click and open new window.

java based applications will probably cause problems sooner or later
because of the msft/sun conflict

old format is still available when you get those problems.
The DOW dropped 50 points just now, guess what, phone trades only...

They suck you in with 8 weeks penny practice time, but what they don't tell you is that unless you bet in pounds then you can't place a stop or use the phone trading system to take profit when they lock you out.

Once my practice time is over I guess I'll be trying another SB company.
Phoned the this lorning and they conformed 'teething problems' with new software which should be fixed next week. . It does seem to coincide with moves in the market but if there is a problem then volume of trades could be a legitimate reason. Next week will tell.
On the old system I don't remember this being such a problem so either they've changed for the worse or it's a genuine problem ??
Cant fault the new Fins system. You get the 'server unavailable' twice as fast now !

Bonsai - no reason for any app to cause problems due to M$/Sun battle. No new app has any reason to cause conflict. Its not exactly just been announced. Remeber the old marketing slogan for Java 'write once, run anywhere'.

Is it possible to still get onto the old Fins system ? Which was also Java based I should add. The new system at first glance was faster ( until today ) and was supposed to ffer better live pricing. News feature is also helpful.
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Its gone from bad to worse wanted to amend my stops and limit on an open order and couldn't for 15 minutes one stage kept saying position had been deleted even though I hadn't , then kept getting messages that looked like programming errors!!!! Obviously not been tested thoroughly, used to like Finspreads due to 50p minimum bets and flexibility to change stops but rapidly going off it. Any other recommendations? Has anyone used Capitalspreads?
Haven't used CS yet but opened an account last week. Fins was a disaster on Friday, started building Dec SPX shorts and went long on the daily expecting a rise last night. System was working until I tried to set a stop on daily position, system problem, tried to phone and wouldn't get through. Was going out and had to leave it. SPX then tanked. Got 8 points on the Dec short but lost 8.5 on the daily. Was just glad I had a short there or it would have wiped out the days gains which at that point was 7. 5 points. Will give them a few days to get it sorted then will switch to CS if the feedback is good. Fins need to get the teething problems fixed and soon. There is competition out there and they will lose if they keep this up.
Another thing that happened on Fins yesterday was that the wrong client screen came up. I had someone else trades in front of me. I even got the orders screen up for someone elses open positions which was scary.
try interactive brokers their spreads are brilliant have just applied for their a/c will let u know soon