Everythings shrunk!!


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This is no doubt something simple but a fatal error occured in my computer tonight and it shut itself down. When I restarted it the all the fonts and witing has gone really small and I am squinting typing this! How do I make everything bigger? I have windows ME?

Thanks in advance. Mark.
Change the screen resolution size, right click on your desktop/properties/settings, then adjust the slider,I think?
Thanks Boy, This seems to increase the size of everything not just the writing and web pages even t2w has shrunk! Any other ideas?
at the top of yuor browser, click "view", then select "text size" and then click on medium or whatever size yuo prefer
Thanks CKB, Just tried that everything has remained in miniature any more thoughts?
shoe, if the screen resolution made things larger whats wrong now?
Try going to toolbox(W98) or settings (XP), click on screen (or display), then click on appearance, then font size - if font size is "small", then select medium.