Urgent Help Please: Problems with my Computers


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My usually reliable computers have both chosen such a time to break down, and it has been driving me nuts trying to fix them… :cry: So can you please help me?

1. The problem with my first computer: once it is started, the machine keeps giving out such an error message: Windows must now restart because the Remote Procedure Call (RPC) service terminated unexpectedly. Then it automatically shuts down and restarts again in 1 minute’s time. It is so annoying to have your work frequently interrupted. Can you please tell me how to deal with this problem? Windows NT is the operating system of this machine.

2. There are all sorts of problems with my second computer. I sent it back to DELL, and was told that somebody had spilled liquid into it, although I cannot imagine how this could have happened since it was only used by myself and I do not remember such a thing. Anyway, DELL asked for £750 for repairmen, saying that as a manual failure it was not covered by warranty. The dilemma is, I cannot not afford to pay such a huge amount, and I do not want to throw away this computer of mine, either. So what can I do? Are there any places where I can have it repaired at a reasonable price?

Please tell me your advice. Thanks a lot indeed.
The first pc sounds like you have a virus and specifically the Blaster one. The first thing to do is to go to Windows update and get all the updates for your pc installed if possible. Are you using broadband because if not it will take forever.

Item 1 is a virus.... attacks only XP and NT and is characterised by the 1 minute shutdown. I forget it's name...
Item 2. £750 quid buys you a kick ass new rocket machine.So £750 for a repair is outrageous and in line with Dell's ( and many other leading brand name companies) repair policy.
You have 2 choices. Stick it out and say no way was anything spilled in it.
Take it to a local independant PC dealer who will ( should) charge nothing to give you an appraisal of the likely problem.
If you live near Farnborough , Hants, then I can help and Skim will do the teas. :cheesy:
If not, post a bit more information about what the Dell does, or does not do....
Next time, go to a friendly local PC man to buy your PC....
Problem one is a virus. Check


for the removal tool and further info.

With ref to problem two. Is it a laptop? If it is not a laptop and it has liquid in the keyboard then a replacement keyboard will fix - depending on features you are looking at £10 to £40. If it is liquid in the main case then it is possible that motherboard damage has occurred. Even if you had to replace the MB, CPU and RAM you should not get to £750.
Let me add that when using the virus removal tool, run it a couple of times in quick succession because the 'Blaster bug virus'
is a slippery little bug-ger and you might have to persevere with its removal.
Thank you so much, all of you. Thanks really.

jpwone, thanks for the link. The problem is, it took a long time to open the web page, and the virus had worked to shut down my laptop again before the page was opened. So I never got the chance to actually down the tool to delete the virus.

Under such circumstances, what should I do?

Thanks a lot indeed.
Let me make a suggestion - First thing you do - hit CTRL+SHFT+ESC to bring up the task manager. In it, find MBLASTER.EXE (I think thats the file name) and kill it by clicking on it and selecting END TASK. After that, proceed with the rest of the removal process.
Presume that the Administrator knows Clylbw's email address. Why not email the removal tool file to him?
Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you so much; all of you are so helpful. I do not know what I would have done without your advice.

Thanks a lot indeed, oatman. I have finally fixed my first machine with your help, and hopefully there should not be any further problem; finger crossed. Thank you. :D

But the problems with my second machine persist. I wonder whether there is some laptop pro who is willing to fix it for me at a price more reasonable than that required by DELL.

Please help me if possible; it is my first computer and I really would like to keep it running...:(

If you would like to have a go, please reply in this thread or PM me ASAP. Thanks a lot indeed.
Pleased you got it sorted. If you give a clue as to which part of the country you're located, maybe someone can help you.
good luck
Thanks oatman.

I would prefer someone around Manchester, but I suppose the geographic position is less important because I can always send the machine, a laptop, by postal service?

I don't know if this helps, but if you're stuck for an anti-virus program, and you're able to get online, you could try using a free online scanner such as: http://housecall.trendmicro.com/

I hope this is helpful.

Best of luck :)


Great Help by everyone..

Great Help by everyone..

It's great to see so many helpful posts to a member's problem.
So refreshing to see genuinely go out off their way and offer good, helpful advice.

It makes this board so worthwhile and valued...a refreshing beacon in today's society.......

Here's to a collective pat on the back.

Cheers :cheesy:
Here are thye names of two Laptop repair companies. Both offer a " No Fix, No Fee" service.

1. X-S&T ltd. 0208 - 795- 1600 ( Wembly- X-Science and Technology)
( www.laptoprepaircentre.com)

2. Main Computer services Ltd. 01256 - 782- 969 ( Basingstoke, hants) ( www.main-computers.com )

I have no commercial connection with either of these, nor have I ever used them. Provided for your information and benefit.