Buying a new computer : Help

Yep, as CJB says you need a router. Either of these will do the job, depending on if you're BT or Cable

BT Modem Router for Cabled/Wireless ability

Cable Router for Cabled/Wireless connections

If you're a BT customer the router replaces your current modem (maybe a speedtouch 330 or Voyager 105 modem?) and the PC(s) connect directly to the router with a length of Ethernet cable or wirelessly with an adaptor, whereas if you're a cable customer the router connects to your existing modem, then the PC(s) connect to the router, again via Ethernet cable or wirelessly with an adaptor.
Cheers cjb and Matt.
Oh, while I've got your attention . . . here's the next question. :D I plan to day trade U.S. stocks using IB and eSignal. Their respective spec's in terms of system requirements are as follows:
Windows XP Professional
Browser Internet Explorer 6.0
Java Java 2, 1.5
Pentium Processor 1.4 GHz
AMD Processor Athlon XP 1500+
Centrino Processor 1500
Celeron Processor 1.7GHz
Bus Speed 266MHz
Memory 384MB
Internet Connection Broadband with dial-up backup
Windows XP Professional
Browser Internet Explorer 6.0
Pentium Processor 2.6 GHz Pentium 4 or compatible
Memory 2GB RAM
Hard Disc Space 40MB
Internet Connection DSL, cable modem, T1 or T3 connectivity
In terms of what I request from my very helpful and friendly local computer supplier - is there anything you recommend that I add to the above? I realise monitors aren't included in the spec' - I'm really just asking about the 'nuts 'n' bolts' of the setup.
(Matt, I've chickened out of getting a Mac and decided to follow the herd. :( This is due largely to the fact that my (very) local supplier is a PC person and you are a bit too far away (from Plymouth) to call out when I have a problem had I gone down the Mac route! ;) )
re specs

The esignal specs are fine, I would go with a wireless router/modem, most have multi wireless and ethernet cable connection, this would give some future upgrade capability as well. As u are daytrading some of the new cheap wifi notebooks are great,(built in wireless capability) so u are not stuck in one room, and can be used at most hotspot type cafes if u are out and need to check or amend orders

I wouldn't go for the browser based IB option. Download the stand alone platform (which requires Java but you probably have it already) and use that. It is much more stable in my view.

To add to this older thread, my business is Computers and associated industries.
Sometimes, usually once a year I test the high street business outlets such as hot spicy stuff and the politically correct planet.
My last test was last week and I have to say no high street outlet offering a business service passed. Brochures are everything, business takes some substance especially where money markets are concerned.