Do computers slow down with age?


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Lately my machine seems to be slower and does not instantly respond to a press of a button- I usually get a message that Yahoo or T2W is not responding.
Should I try to set my machine on an earlier setting etc or should I take it in for a clean and re-set.
Defrag or some other thing a non techie like me could do ( apart from bash with a hammer)?

Thankyou friends:)


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There's no issue like that, its because you might use other latest computers. So that you will feel a bit odd to use your old computer


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follow the steps at this site, its like taking your PC to a good mechanic

and to keep my PC running smoothly, once each month i execute the programs shown,
you'll find them at the link provided




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Computers can slow down as they age. The memory stores bits of data which Are in turn linked to other bits of data (eg having a shortcut on the desktop to a particular programme or file), as you use your pc more and more this grows in size meaning that it takes the processor longer to find and link each piece of data...hence the machine will slow down.

As stated when you remove something it will never be deleted fully. The only way data is deleted is if it is overwritten with other data meaning that unless you deep clean your harddrive then it will not free up space.

Disk defragmenting and cc cleanup definately help though as they arrange data into order so they are linked more closely so the cpu can access the points faster.