Windows 8.1 Warning!


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Vista was dreadful, Windows 7 was slightly better and then Windows 8 just lost the plot for serious users.

I was hoping the just released 8.1 upgrade would solve some problems but it's a HUGE step backwards.

Firstly, it's a 3.5Gb download, so is not an upgrade but a complete new operating system that retains most of the existing settings.

Secondly, it took about 4 HOURS to install - and I have a new, fast computer!

Many programs are incompatible and I had to replace my Avast antivirus with AVG and my old but trusty FrontPage with Sharepoint.

So, 5 or 6 hours later when it was up and running, was there any improvement? Well, the volume slider is blue instead of green and that's about it!

The much vaunted Start button is simply a copy of the silly thing in the bottom left of the desktop and does EXACTLY the same thing.

It's slower to boot up and many of my old programs (including some favourite Windows 8 Apps) DO NOT WORK AT ALL.

Worse, you cannot uninstall it. So, my advice is stay away from 8.1 and continue to suffer with Windows 8.

Better still, dig out your old computer and install a fresh Windows XP to see everything run three times as fast and everything actually work...

Windows 8.1 is the biggest load of crap from Microsoft yet.
I hate when companies mess up perfectly good things for no reason.

Given the processing speed and broadband speed, everything should be running smoothly and like lightning these days. Instead I get delays on a 100mb connection, browsers that use massive amounts of processing power, operating systems that do the same and only provide cosmetic improvements and usually make it harder for me to find what I want, and still crashes and freezes that require a reboot. Pathetic.

Oh and they may have hit $1000, but google is got a lot worse than when I first started using it.
Efficiency in programming has gone the way of the corner phone booth. Professional programmers assume everyone that uses their product has the latest greatest computer available and memory and processing power are unlimited. Microsoft browsers have been known to eat up memory faster then ms pacman eats the dots, yet it never gets fixed.

I agree about google. I use chrome and it was so much better and faster when it first came out, now its overbloated, slow, clunky, and basically sucks.

Why in the world you decided to download a 3.5 Gb upgrade? I still use XP SP3. I think it is ending in April of next year but I am sure they will find a way to make it obsolete.