Competition Entry List is HERE


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Ok the game starts Monday 5th. Feb. All entries in by Midnight Sunday 4th.Judges descision is FINAL.Pick your stock- no reason required, and say Long or Short. We will allow duplicate picks.
Best of luck to you all!
Please restrict the entries on this thread to STOCK and LONG/SHORT


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And I'm working on having the competition entries as a portfolio of stocks on its very own page on the site, so you can check how everyone is doing at any time of the day, and hopefully close when you want.

Should also be useful when we put some of the diferent trading systems head to head.


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OK i'll be the first,
EPF..............Long please
EPF...............Short please

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The problem of choice - but then I have a whole list good enough to see off you lot.

Hoping its not too early it has to be :-

ITE - (on the nose) - Long

If it goes It'll wipe you all out!

The gauntlet has been thrown down.

To battle........



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Let me have my favourite Marconi

We love you moni we do
we love you moni we do
we love you moni we do

oh moni we love you.

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