Competition Entries for next weeek...


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All aboard, the next competition train is leaving the station.
All entries in by midnight Sunday,same rules as last week.
It would be better if everyone picked 2 shares- 1 long 1 short.Just a suggestion.
Iceland (ICE) - Long
Celltech (CCH) - Short

Problem Martin, I dont have a computer at home and it was lucky I came into the office today as I would have missed this weeks entry deadline. In future could I select before open on Monday AM. Also as a suggestion would it be possible to run comp Wed to Wed say to avoid Sundays paper tips selections ?

You got lucky this week Uncle John its one up to you - quality selection.

Watch your back I,m out for revenge.

Good luck all.

I will stick with WMG - Weston Medical for long and go short with CRST - Crest Nicholson

Cookie....keep this up and then you will soon be able to send me a case !!!!!
Ok, hope this is better than last weeks effort

Long CGR (Compel)
Short ISY (Invensys)