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I would like to be able to enter the weekly comp and see that entries have to be in by midnight Sunday. But the site says at 10.27 this morning (Sunday) that entries are already closed for the coming week's comp. Can I suggest that either the rules are amended to reflect the new close time for entries, (whenever that may be), or preferably that we are allowed to make our entry at anytime up until midnight Sunday as this is a key day for those of us who plan our activities on an end of day basis. It may also encourage a few more entries.


I suspect that there is some confusion at the moment owing to the system problem that prevented last weeks competition from taking place.

Usually entries open on Sunday afternoon ready for Monday morning.

I guess that Sharky will give you an official response...
Beunos Tardes!

Hola Roger!

Darth was quite right, and again it was my fault that the competition entries closed at midnight last night. Anyway I´ve fixed it now, but as I´ve mentioned in an email to Roger, now and for the next few three months I´m in Barcelona and can only update the website from an EasyEverything internet cafe! So please bear with me, however I´m checking up on the site every couple of days and replying to emails.. thats when im not on the beach or eating tapas and drinking cervezas!

All the best,
Paul aka Sharky.
Excellent results this week. Well done everybody.
I am a bit puzzled about the opening prices used. They don't always appear to be Mondays opening prices.
Can anyone shed any light on this.

Hi Jimbo.

FYI. Opening prices have been an issue in the past because of problems with spreads first thing on Monday morning. In these voloatile times it's possible to take a really big hit as the market comes to life and settles down around 08:30h...

to cut a long story short I believe that we're currently using friday's closing prices. This levels the ground and makes administration of the competition much easier!

Hope to see you in the competition soon.
Hi Jimbo, welome to our site.

Darth is quite right, we had some probs with the spreads on our data feed from first thing monday so we switched to friday closing prices. Over the next few months the competition will be revamped and we will hopefully get a good enough feed to use mondays opening price.